Top 5 Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers - Updated 2019

Top 5 Bluetooth Kitchen Speakers - Updated 2019

Craig Walker |

Looking to add music to your kitchen but not sure what to choose?

We've rounded up the best selling top 5 ceiling speaker systems for your kitchen based on our experienced and more importantly, our customers experiences!

Take a look at the top features and what makes them so good below...


1. Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers


  • All-In-One System, Just Add Power, Pair Your Phone and Press Play!
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Audio Input For TV's Or Media Streamers


The Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speaker tops the list for a few reasons! Not simply because it sounds great.

From the moment you open the well-presented box you'll see why it tops the list.

Easy to install, simply cut the hole in your ceiling and plug it into a standard UK power socket. You can connect the socket to your lighting circuit or run a dedicated socket.

Lithe Audio's bluetooth speaker has a whole host of really important features including an audio input for use to connect your television or multi room streamer, a mono/stereo switch makes it really flexible for larger areas or split rooms. You can even limit the volume by 50% when installing it in kids rooms, guests rooms or for commercial uses such as hotels or B&B's!


Price: £199.99 single, £269.99 pair

View It Here: Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker


2. Systemline E100 Bluetooth & FM/DAB Radio 


  • Stylish Keypad - Quick & Always Ready To Use
  • Built In DAB Radio Tuner
  • Stream Bluetooth From Your Smart Phone 


Systemline were one of the early adopters to single room installed audio technology, so they have had a great head start into making great kitchen speaker systems.

The sleek black and aluminium panel of the E100 will look great in your kitchen. Furthermore it's installed in the wall, so you can't lose it and the batteries won't run out!

This is the perfect solution for radio lovers as you can be listening to your favourite station on FM or DAB with just one button press.

It's powerful and you'll get a really good sound from the included 6.5" QI65CB ceiling speakers.

You'll also get everything you need to install it including the panel, power supply, cables and an aerial.

Price: £424.99 

3. Contralto Integrated Sound Bar 


 Discreet - Fits In The Plinth Or In A Panel

  • POWERFUL Sound
  • Simple To Use


I'm going to say something that you've probably seen in every bluetooth speaker description you've seen so far...


But really, if you could just hear this speaker! (you can if you come to our showroom!) it's loud, it has depth and it retains clarity.

This is the perfect speaker for retrofitting into finished kitchens, or for discreet sound in kitchens where you simply can't have or don't want to have ceiling speakers.

It's also great for classic styled kitchens if you'd rather not have ceiling speakers on display.

 Price: £249.99


4. Tangent Ampster BT inc. 6.5" Qi65C Ceiling Speakers


  • Hi-Fi Choice Award Winning Amplifier
  • Our Most Powerful Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Easy To Use


The Tangent is a reason addition to our home audio stable.

It's an award winning amp with multiple inputs, great if you want to connect various things to it like CD players, media streamers, televisions etc.

But the key point of this system is the powerful 50W per channel.

It's the most powerful bluetooth speaker system we have on offer. Yes you can get more powerful amplifiers, but you need to turn them on, adjust settings etc. With the Tangent Ampster BT you can simply connect your phone via bluetooth and the amplifier will wake up from it's low-power sleep and start playing high quality music.

Price: Starting From £299.99

View It Here: Tangent Ampster BT

5. KB Sound iSelect - 5" Speakers


  • Discreet Ceiling Speakers, No Keypads On Show
  • Easy To Use Remote Control
  • FM/DAB Radio Options


The KB Sound iSelect is quite probably the original single-room installed audio system. And it's still going strong today because of it's high reliability, ease of use and discreet installation.

With a small module that installs up in the ceiling, you'll have options of 2.5" or 5" ceiling speakers and it's all easily controlled by the remote control.

It's one of very few systems that feature a built in FM or DAB radio as standard. You can also add a bluetooth module for streaming from your smart phone or tablet.

Price: Starting From £199.99

View It Here: KB Sound iSelect 5"


So there you go! That's the top 5 hottest selling ceiling speaker systems for your kitchen today.

Which one takes your fancy?

Every kitchen is different, and you might like to listen to your music from internet services and apps on your phone. You might prefer to pick up a remote and play the radio, or maybe you want to hit a button on the wall?

When it comes down to it, the top 5 list is quite diverse and each solution has different features and benefits.

If you need any help choosing the best one for your kitchen then please give us a call on 02392 006118 and we will be happy to advice.