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Ceiling Speakers

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About Ceiling Speakers

At K&B Audio you’ll find a wide range of ceiling speakers from various brands and for various applications. 

Ceiling speakers are the preferred choice for individuals who value both aesthetics and audio quality in their living spaces. They allow you to enjoy immersive sound without the need for bulky floor-standing or wall-mounted speakers, preserving the clean lines and visual harmony of your room.

We also provide full support before, during and after so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Types Of Ceiling Speakers

  • Mono Ceiling Speakers: The most common ceiling speaker is referred to as “mono”. This means for most applications you will have two speakers (a pair) for stereo sound. Mono ceiling speakers are flush mounted, usually with a low profile grille and come in various sound qualities depending on your budget. 

  • Stereo Ceiling Speakers: Stereo ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for smaller rooms. You only have one physical ceiling speaker, however it has two tweeters, one for left and one for right. You’ll still wire two speaker cables from your amplifier however the single speaker will play stereo sound. Most often used in smaller rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms etc.

  • Bathroom Ceiling Speakers: If you want to install a ceiling speaker in a bathroom then you’ll need to ensure it’s moisture resistant or IP44 rated. This means you can place the speaker in the bathroom without reducing the lifespan. If you are going to be installing a speaker in a shower cubicle then ensure you use a fully IP44 ceiling speaker such as the Q Acoustics QI65CW range. For general bathroom use you can usually use any moisture resistant, polypropylene ceiling speaker provided it is 600mm or more away from a water source such as the shower.

Features of Ceiling Speakers

  • Discreet Placement: Ceiling speakers are installed flush with your ceiling, remaining inconspicuous and seamlessly integrated into your room, freeing up floor and wall space.

  • High-Fidelity Sound: They are engineered with high-quality components and acoustic design principles to deliver clear and balanced audio, ensuring that music, movies, and dialogue are heard with precision.

  • Multiple Configurations: Ceiling speakers are available in various configurations, including single speakers, stereo pairs, and multi-speaker setups, allowing you to customise your audio to suit your room and preferences.

  • Directional Control: Some models feature adjustable tweeters or directional capabilities, enabling you to direct sound towards specific listening areas or create a wider sound dispersion.

  • Versatile Applications: They are suitable for various applications, including home cinema, multi-room audio systems, and background music setups for restaurants or commercial spaces.

Ceiling Speaker Tips

  • Grilles: Most ceiling speakers come with low profile magnetic grilles that simply stick on. All of the ceiling speakers that we sell are easily installed and also removed from the ceiling via screws on the front without causing any damage to your ceiling. You can easily upgrade to better speakers in the future if required.

  • Size: When we refer to ceiling speaker size we refer to the size of the woofer itself, not the entire ceiling speaker. So a 6.5” ceiling speaker will be approximately 9” overall once installed on your ceiling.

  • Amplifiers: All ceiling speakers will require an amplifier to power them, you can use a HiFi amplifier or a more discreet amplifier with Bluetooth or WiFi designed for use with ceiling speakers.

Here you’ll find all the top brands of in ceiling speaker such as Q Acoustics, Monitor Audio, Lithe Audio & more.

If you need any assistance choosing the best ceiling speaker for your home please contact one of our audio experts on 02393 190955 and we’ll be happy to help.



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