When To Use A Single Stereo Speaker & Why

When To Use A Single Stereo Speaker & Why

Craig Walker |

What Is A Stereo In Ceiling Speaker?

A single stereo speaker plays both left and right channels from one speaker using one woofer and two seperate tweeters, so you still need to wire two sets of speaker cables (left and right!) but you'll connect it to one physical speaker unit.

Where Would I Use A Stereo In Ceiling Speaker?

Generally stereo in ceiling speakers are used in smaller rooms, or in awkward rooms where you just don't have the space for two seperate mono speakers. By combining the left and right channels from your amplifier you can achieve the same great stereo sound quality without sacrificing ceiling space.

Stereo in ceiling speakers are often used in....

  • En-Suite Bathrooms
  • Small Kitchens
  • Walk In Wardrobes
  • Saunas

They Can Also Be Used For Bigger Areas

This sounds like a contradiction to the begining of this guide! But single stereo speakers can also be used in larger areas.... 

Let's say you have an open plan kitchen and a dining room, they are a medium size but too big/awkward to fit four seperate speakers into... by the time you install some downlights in each area, you might not want to squeeze two speakers into each area, so in this case you can install a stereo speaker in both the kitchen and in the dining room, these can either be connected in parallel to a left and right channel amplifier, or by using an impedance matching speaker switch. 

Sometimes you can get away with using a pair of mono speakers in the normal left and right fashion, but for some shaped rooms we'd reccomend the stereo speakers for better sound quality.

You can also connect the speakers via an A/B Speaker switch to give independent on/off control to each area.


All in all, stereo in ceiling speakers are very versatile. They'll help you out in small areas, they'll also help you out in larger or awkward areas if you're looking for improved sound quality and area coverage.