Turntable & Active Speaker Bundles

About Turntable & Active Speaker Bundles

We know that you just want to enjoy your vinyl record collection without having to figure out what equipment you need. 

That’s why our audio experts have hand selected the best turntables with active speaker bundles and curated them into one-click bundles for your ease. 

Choosing may seem a daunting task, but you can rest assured that all of the bundles that you find on our website are designed to work together out of the box with no further equipment required.

All of our turntables are from top brands including Audio Technica and TEAC and our speakers are from the hugely popular Edifier and Kanto audio ranges.

You can find an extensive turntable with speakers buying guide by clicking here.

Turntable & Active Speaker Bundle Options

Firstly, all of our turntables feature a built-in Phono EQ (turntable amplifier) so you can simply plug them into the speakers. No extra boxes or equipment needed!

But there are two methods of connecting your turntable to the speakers which may influence your buying decision:

  • Cable: The turntable simply plugs into the speakers via the included cable. This gives optimal quality, ease of setup and if you choose Bluetooth speakers then you can easily pair your phone to the speakers for music streaming when your vinyls aren’t in use.

  • Bluetooth: When you see the term Bluetooth with our turntables it means that you can connect the turntable to the compatible Bluetooth speakers wirelessly. If you’re putting the turntable on the opposite side of your room to the speakers then this is a great option.

Turntable & Active Speaker Bundle Features

  • Turntable Excellence: Bundles typically include high-quality turntables with precision tonearms and cartridges, ensuring that your vinyl records are faithfully reproduced.

  • Active Speaker Power: They come with active speakers that have built-in amplifiers, providing ample power to bring your vinyl collection to life with minimal setup.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Many bundles offer wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth, allowing you to stream music from your smart devices to the speakers when you're not spinning vinyl.

  • Adjustable Playback Speed: Turntables in these bundles often feature selectable playback speeds, accommodating different types of vinyl records.

  • Compact Design: Active speakers are designed to be compact and stylish, making them suitable for a variety of spaces.

More Options To Consider

  • USB: If you want to digitise your vinyl records and record them to MP3 on your computer then look for a USB turntable such as the Audio Technica LP60XUSB. With free software such as Audacity you can easily record your records and save them to your computer for digital playback.

  • Bluetooth Speakers: We have quite a lot of bundles that feature Bluetooth speakers. This provides extra value for money as you can also easily pair your smartphone, tablet or computer to the speakers and playback any content from your device including internet radio, music streaming services, YouTube videos and much more.

Some of our bundles have a cabled turntable but Bluetooth compatible speakers allowing for the best of both worlds.

And if you do go for a Bluetooth turntable you can easily disconnect the turntable and connect your phone when you want to go streaming.

You can’t go too far wrong with any of the bundles on our website. Even our most entry level turntable with speakers bundle is high quality and will produce excellent sound quality. 

Simply pick the speakers that best suit your style, needs and budget and enjoy your vinyl records!

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