Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker 6.5" with Wireless aptX BT 5.0 - Alexa Compatible

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The best-selling Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are an all-in-one active ceiling speaker that lets you easily add high quality music to your home.

Think of it like a portable Bluetooth speaker in terms of use, but with more features, better sound quality and no batteries to charge!

They are perfect for use in kitchens, bedrooms & living spaces.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming With Up to 30m Range
  • Enjoy Music & Podcasts From Any App inc. Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Audio Input For Listening To Your TV or Other Audio Sources
  • High Quality Sound & 50W Powerful Amplifier Built In
  • Link Up-to Three Pairs For Larger Rooms
  • Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Volume Limiter Switch For Kids Bedrooms & Hotel Rooms etc.
  • FREE EXTENDED WARRANTY: Buy From K&B And Turn Your 2 Year Warranty Into A 3 Year Warranty FREE!
Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Wireless Streaming


You’ll be able to stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device such as your smart phone or tablet.

Any app on your device will play back through these speakers in high quality, meaning you can enjoy music streamed on Spotify, internet radio on TuneIN, podcasts and even audio books.


These speakers are extremely easy to DIY install, or give them to your electrician/builder to fit. They simply install like a downlight, cut a hole, wire the power supply into your lighting circuit or from a fused spur and you are up and running.

No hassle, no complicated programming and not much to go wrong.

When you buy from K&B Audio you also get an extended warranty making three years in total as well as our tech support so there’s a whole lot less to worry about when making a hole in your ceiling.

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Works With Amazon Alexa


As standard these speakers can be connected to any Amazon Echo or Google Home device with Bluetooth.

It remains always on, ready to use. Simply talk to Alexa / OK Google and the sound will come out through your ceiling speakers in high quality.

This makes playing back music extremely easy and you can also take advantage of Amazon Alexa multiroom audio with multiple speakers in different rooms.


The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers feature an audio input on the side of the speaker which allows you to wire it into your television or other audio device (device must be able to control volume).

As soon as the TV starts playing your ceiling speakers will spring to life and output the sound in better quality with more sound coverage throughout your room.

Perfect for kitchens.

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Re-Naming


If you’ve ever connected to a portable bluetooth speaker then you’ll know that your device will see a Bluetooth name. The default on these is “Lithe Audio BT2”.

However if you plan to fit these in your kitchen and your living room then you’ll see two of the same names and not know which is which.

Luckily when you buy from K&B Audio you get a completely free of charge custom bluetooth naming service where we will personalise the speaker to you by calling it “Kitchen Speakers” or whatever you prefer.


The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are a very versatile system. You can have a single speaker in a smaller room such as a bedroom or for true stereo sound in larger rooms you can have a pair.

You can also link up-to three pairs together with Lithe Link cables for larger open plan areas.

One speaker, multiple solutions.


A built in volume limit switch caps the volume at 50%. Your device will still go to 100% volume as per normal, but the amplifier will halve its power output preventing your kids from partying too hard!

Ideal for kids bedrooms or for hotel bedrooms, guest rooms etc. 

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Awards


The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker has won multiple awards for innovation and quality from top blogs, magazines and associations around the world including The Times, Trusted Reviews & many more.

K&B Audio are Lithe Audio Pro Experts


As certified pro's we offer free extended warranty, expert advice & support.

Key Features

  • Zones
    Single Zone
  • Placement
    In Ceiling
  • Music Sources
  • Inputs
  • TV Connection
    Yes - Bluetooth (TV Controls Volume)
  • Smart Features
    Works With Alexa (Bluetooth), Works With Google (Bluetooth)
  • Power Handling
    50 Ws
  • Driver Size
  • Max. Speakers
    Up To Three Pairs With Lithe Link Cables
  • Warranty
    3 Years



    • Works with any Bluetooth v5.0 device (backwards compatible)
    • aptX low latency chipset
    • Wireless Range: Up to 30 metres
    • Auto-detects RCA connection for TV, Amplifier, etc
    • Output for additional Passive slave speaker
    • Lithe LINK connect up-to 3 master BT speaker to play on all


    • 210mm cut-out diameter
    • Weight: 1.75kg
    • Power Supply: DC24V / 2.5A
    • Dimensions: (W x D) 230 x 97 mm
    • Operating Temperature: 0º to 40º C
    • Storage Temperature: -20º to 70º C
    • Limited Warranty: 2 Year


    • Woofer: 6.5" Kevlar Woven Cone
    • Tweeter: 0.75" Titanium Cone
    • Mono/Stereo Switch
    • RMS Power: 50W RMS
    • Impedance: 8 Ohms
    • Sound Quality THD+N 0.009%, 55Hz-20kHZ
    • Sensitivity (1W/1m): 90dB
    • Audio Sample Rate: 8Khz
    • Digital Class D Amplifier

What You Get


    • 1 x Lithe Audio 6.5" Master Speaker
    • 1 x Power Supply (Wire-In)
    • 1 x Cutout Template
    • 1 x User & Installation Manual


    • 1 x Lithe Audio 6.5" Master Speaker
    • 1 x Lithe Audio 6.5" Slave Speaker
    • 1 x 5M Speaker Connection Cable
    • 1 x Power Supply (Wire-In)
    • 1 x Cutout Template
    • 1 x User & Installation Manual



    Q. How Do I Power The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker?

    A. The speaker comes with a laptop style inline power supply with a 230v fast-fix terminals. You can either install a fused spur above your ceiling, or wire into the permanent live of your lighting circuit (must be rated to 6A). The speaker comes with comprehensive installation instructions in the user manual and we recommend consulting an electrician for the installation.


    Q. How Do I Set Up The Speakers?

    A. Once installed there is very minimal setup required! You can simply pair your smartphone, tablet or computer to the speaker by going into your devices standard Bluetooth settings and searching. You will see “Lithe Audio BT2” to connect to. Once connected, anything your device plays will sound through the ceiling speakers. There is also a companion app available on the app stores that allows you to change the Bluetooth name (ideal if you're having more than one speaker per house) as well as changing the PIN code. Don't forget that Bluetooth is point to point so it can only connect to one device at any one time.


    Q. How Many Speakers Do I Need For My Room?

    A. We usually recommend one pair of speakers per 20-25sq. metres (so 5x5-6x6 metres). Larger rooms up to 10 metres would typically need four speakers. Smaller rooms under 4m x 4m such as bedrooms or studys can get away with a single speaker, however bear in mind that a single speaker plays in mono and a pair plays in stereo which signifcantly improves the sound quality.


    Q. Do I Need A Separate Amplifier?

    A. No. This product is a complete plug & play system. The amplifier and Bluetooth receiver is built into the back of one of the speakers (referred to as the “master” speaker) and the second passive speaker (referred to as the “slave” speaker) wires into the master speaker with the included speaker cable.


    Q. Can I Use This Speaker In The Bathroom?

    A. This is the standard version which is fit for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, studies and other “dry" rooms. There is a specific IP44 rated model (Code: 03210) specifically for bathrooms that you can find by clicking here.


    Q. Can I Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home For Voice Control?

    A. Yes, you can pair the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers to an Amazon Echo device or a Google Home device (sold separately) via Bluetooth. This will remain connected at all times and anything your Alexa/Home plays will come through the ceiling speakers. 


    Q. Can I Paint The Grilles?

    A. All of our speakers come with white grilles as standard, however you can spray paint the grille any colour. You must use an aerosol spray paint, not emulsion.


    Q. Can I Put Speakers In Multiple Rooms?

    A. Yes absolutely, you can fit speakers in multiple rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms. You can also use the free companion app to change the Bluetooth name of each speaker so you can easily see on your device which speakers you are connecting to. Please bear in mind though that with Bluetooth ceiling speakers they are a point to point technology so you can connect your phone to one room at a time and playback music. Someone else can use a different speaker at the same time from a different device, but you can't make multiple speakers play the same music from one device (this is however possible with the Lithe Audio WiFi versions).

    Q. Which Speaker Is The Left & Right?

    A. When set to stereo in a master & pair setup the master speaker is the left channel and the passive slave speaker is the right channel./


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K&B Audio are authorised dealers for Lithe Audio. All sales come with a 3 Years manufacturers warranty and full technical support.

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker 6.5" with Wireless aptX BT 5.0 - Alexa Compatible - K&B Audio
Lithe Audio

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker 6.5" with Wireless aptX BT 5.0 - Alexa Compatible

From £199.99 £246.00









Drive Type




Noise Cancelling



Single Zone

Music Sources






TV Connection

Yes - Bluetooth (TV Controls Volume)

Smart Features

Works With Alexa (Bluetooth), Works With Google (Bluetooth)

Cut-Out Diameter


Mounting Depth


Power Handling

50 Ws



Driver Size







3 Years
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