TV Connection Cables

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About TV Connection Cables

You can connect most of our ceiling speaker systems to a compatible television or other audio source such as a turntable or CD player.

To do so you’ll most commonly need an analog audio cable with either RCA and/or 3.5mm audio jack.

First check your audio source to see what the connection requirements are then use a compatible cable for your amplifier or ceiling speaker system.

Modern TV’s from 2020 onwards tend not to have a 3.5mm headphone jack so you’ll now need to use a digital to analog converter in order to connect to your amplifier.

We sell cables in 5M and 10M and tend to not recommend going beyond 10 metres with an analog cable as you may get issues.

When running audio cables ensure that they are kept away from power cables at all times as this may cause interference.

We would also recommend that you use a ground loop isolator to prevent any potential ground loop hums that can be caused when items are connected to different socket outlets or circuits.

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