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Enjoy your music with room-filling sound from discreet in ceiling speakers.

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K&B Audio offers a wide range of ceiling speakers & ready to install bundles.

Our range includes entry-level passive ceiling speakers under £99 to cutting-edge ready to install amplifier + speaker bundles starting from £199 and designed by top brands such as Lithe Audio, Sonos and Q Acoustics.

With such an extensive choice, choosing the right option can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a Ceiling Speakers Buying Guide that outlines all the trending solutions, their features and pricing.

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Ceiling Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ceiling Speakers Need An Amplifier?

Yes, all ceiling speakers will require an amplifier in order to work. "Passive" ceiling speakers will need to be wired to an amplifier however "Active" ceiling speakers will connect directly to mains power. Read More

Do Ceiling Speakers Need Fire Hoods?

Ceiling speakers should be fitted with fire hoods, where there is a room above, to comply with fire regulations. If in doubt please check with your home insurers and building control if involved. Read More

Can I Use Ceiling Speakers With My TV?

In most cases, yes you can use ceiling speakers with a television. Ideally you want to connect via HDMI eARC so the TV controls the volume, however you can also connect via optical audio or analog audio outputs from your TV. Read More

Are Ceiling Speakers Good?

Yes, ceiling speakers are good and are worth it. But bear in mind that cheap ceiling speakers will not be as good as more expensive ceiling speakers.

Your amplifier choice will also come into play, a good quality amplifier paired with good quality ceiling speakers, such as the ones found on our site, will sound great whether you're listening to music in your kitchen or creating a 5.1 in ceiling cinema system.

What Cable Do I Need For Ceiling Speakers & How Do I Wire Them?

You should use a two core, full copper speaker cable between your amplifier and your speakers.

Each passive speaker will wire back to your amplifier, one for left and one for right.

Stereo ceiling speakers will still require two speaker cables even though the speaker is a single unit. Read More

How Many Ceiling Speakers Can I Fit?

Most stereo amplifiers can connect up to four passive ceiling speakers.

This does vary by speaker and amplifier, on the product pages under "Key Features" we detail the maximum number of speakers an amplifier can handle.

You can connect more than four speakers by using a speaker selector switch with overload protection, these allow you to connect up to 8 pairs without damaging the amplifier and also allow you to individually turn each pair of speakers on or off.

Do Ceiling Speakers Need A Subwoofer?

In most cases ceiling speakers do not need a separate subwoofer. High quality ceiling speakers with a good amplifier can sound great on their own.

However, if you want more depth and bass to your music then adding a subwoofer can make a significant performance upgrade so it's worth considering an amplifier with a subwoofer output. Read More

Are Ceiling Speakers Easy To Install?

Yes, fitting in ceiling speakers is a relatively easy job that any competent DIY'er or electrician should be able to handle.

Our website is filled with useful tips, guides and all of our products have installation manuals available.