Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods

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About Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods

When installing ceiling speakers you’ll obviously need to cut a large hole in the ceiling. Once you’ve done this you’ve reduced the fire rating of the ceiling.

In the unfortunate event that your kitchen was to set fire, the ceiling speakers will melt away and the hole in the ceiling will provide a chimney for the fire to rapidly spread to the rooms above.

So, just like down lights, you should ensure that you provide fire protection to your speakers. 

This is easily done by using speaker fire hoods.

Types Of Ceiling Speaker Fire Hood

  • Standard Fire: These hoods are designed to offer fire protection to your ceiling only. They comply with regulations and are relatively cost-effective however they do not provide any acoustic properties.

  • Fire & Acoustic: These hoods offer all of the fire protection mentioned above and comply with regulations, however they also feature acoustic padding which can help improve the sound quality and also reduce sound leakage into the room above.

There’s no right or wrong way to go, if your primary goal is to provide fire protection then go standard, if you want to make a marginal difference to your sound quality in the process then the fire & acoustic is worth the small additional costs.

Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods Features

  • Fire Resistance: Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods are constructed with fire-resistant materials, designed to contain and prevent the spread of fire and smoke through ceiling openings.

  • Easy Installation: They are typically easy to install, fitting snugly around your ceiling speakers, creating a protective barrier without compromising audio performance.

  • Compatibility: These hoods are compatible with a wide range of ceiling speakers, ensuring that you can safeguard your audio equipment regardless of the brand or model.

  • Code Compliance: Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods are designed to meet fire safety standards and building code requirements, making them a crucial component in commercial and residential installations.

  • Peace of Mind: Installing Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods provides peace of mind, knowing that your new ceiling speaker system won't contribute to a fire spreading throughout your house if the worst happened.

Do I Need Ceiling Speaker Fire Hoods?

The general rule of thumb is that if there is a room above you’ll need speaker fire hoods to comply with building regulations and to maintain your insurance.

If you are unsure about going for fire hoods then we would recommend that you speak to building control if involved, and also your home insurers as you may find that not providing fire hoods could potentially invalidate your home insurance.

You can read our full guide to fire hoods by clicking here.

Don’t worry, your speakers won’t catch fire, that’s not what the hoods are for!

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