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HOW TO: Connect Extra Speakers To Your Amplifier

HOW TO: Connect Extra Speakers To Your Amplifier

Craig Walker |

For larger rooms you could install one of our systems that supports up to two pairs of speakers.

But how do you connect them all up?

Here are your options...


Direct Speaker Connections

You can directly connect all four speakers to the system so that they all play music at the same time. This is a very common way of doing larger rooms or open plan areas.

There are two wiring options here.


1. All Cables To Amplifier

Four Speaker Wiring Diagram

Wire a two core speaker cable from the amplifier out to each ceiling speaker.

You will then have four cables at the amplifier which you will need to connect to the amplifier connectors and one speaker cable at each speaker.

This method gives you some flexibility if you decide to add a speaker selector switch in future, but it does require a bit of additional cable!


2. Amplifier To First Speaker, Daisy Chain To Second

Four Speaker Daisy Chain Wiring


Wire a two core speaker cable from the amplifier out to the first pair of speakers, then wire from the first pair of speakers out to the second pair of speakers.

You should have two speaker cables at the amplifier, two cables at each first speaker and one cable at each of the second speakers.

This method is quicker and easier to install and also uses less cable.



Via An In Wall Selector Switch

If you want to do two areas such as a kitchen and dining room you might want to be able to have one of the areas switched off until it's needed.

i.e you might want the music on in the kitchen but the dining room off.

To do this we can install an in wall speaker selector switch!

Speaker & Speaker Volume Control Wiring Diagram


Wire 2 x two core speaker cable out from the amplifier to the wall mounted speaker selector switch position.

Next wire 2 x two core speaker cables from the selector switch to each pair of speakers.

You'll want to use a 47mm deep electrical box for the selector switch as you now have 8 cables to connect up.

With this option you can have:


area 1 on and area 2 off

area 1 off and area 2 on

area 1 on and area 2 on


Just bear in mind that bluetooth range is from the amplifier unit at approx 10 metres for most systems so try to keep the amplifier panel central.


Compatible Systems


The following systems can power up to two pairs of speakers at once in any of the set ups as shown above.



Important Notes For Other Amplifiers


The above guide is based on the systems we sell, however the same principle applies for connecting extra speakers to any amplifiers.

Please take care of a couple things though!


  1. Check the minimum ohms the amplifier can handle. If it's 4 ohms then you can have two pairs of 8 ohm speakers connected safely. A lot of amplifiers out there don't support more than one pair of speakers so ignoring this will likely damage your amplifier and/or speakers.
  2. Remember that most amplifiers are stereo, so don't go putting one speaker in each room... you will only get one channel of audio and it won't sound that great. A few of the amplifiers we offer have a mono mode though so if you do want to do multiple rooms with one system then you could use the mono compatible systems (Systemline E50, Keene Bluetooth Express)

If you have any more questions relating to additional speakers please feel free to call us on 02392006118 and we'll be happy to help!