About Subwoofers

If you want to get the best out of your HiFi or home cinema system then you’ll want to consider adding a subwoofer!

Subwoofers are designed to add the low end depth to your music, they don’t need to be overpoweringly room-shakingly loud though, a subtle setting can make a major difference to the sound quality of your system, especially if you’re using smaller speakers.

Exploring the Features of Subwoofers

  • Deep and Powerful Bass: Subwoofers are engineered with large drivers and robust amplifiers to reproduce low-frequency sound with earth-shaking power and clarity.

  • Enhanced Audio Dynamics: They add depth and dimension to your audio, ensuring that explosions in movies are heart-pounding, music is thumping, and gaming experiences are immersive.

  • Adjustable Settings: Many subwoofers come with adjustable settings for volume, crossover frequency, and phase, allowing you to fine-tune the bass response to your room and preferences.

  • Multiple Connection Options: They offer various connectivity options, including wired and wireless, to seamlessly integrate with your existing audio setup.

  • Compact Designs: Subwoofers come in a range of sizes and designs, ensuring that you can find one that fits your space and aesthetic preferences.

Types Of Subwoofer

Subwoofers are available in two types, active (most common) and passive.

  • Active Subwoofers: Active subwoofers such as the Edifier T5 are the traditional looking box that usually sits in the corner of the room.

    These subwoofers have a built in amplifier and signal processor, you simply connect it to a compatible AV receiver or stereo amplifier via the pre/subwoofer output and you’re up and running!

  • Wireless Subwoofers: You’ll now start to find more and more wireless subwoofers on the market as the technology improves, especially with the recent technology called WISA.

    Wireless subwoofers allow you to easily add a subwoofer into a room without running any additional cables.

  • Passive Subwoofers: Passive subwoofers are usually in-wall or in-ceiling and require powering from a separate subwoofer amplifier

  • Speaker Level Subwoofers:  Some subwoofers also feature a speaker level input, such as the AV Link M8S, so if your amplifier does not have a pre/subwoofer output you can run the speaker cables through the subwoofer. This is great for use with ceiling speaker systems that don’t normally have a subwoofer capability.

Subwoofers are great for more discreet installations where you can add a significant amount of depth to your music without having any boxes on show.

They are the preferred choice for audio enthusiasts, movie buffs, and gamers who demand powerful and immersive sound experiences.

They bring depth and impact to audio, making every sonic detail come alive.

Imagine watching an action-packed blockbuster, with a subwoofer adding visceral thumps and rumbles to explosions and intense soundtrack moments.

Visualise hosting a party, with bass that makes the dance floor vibrate and every beat pulse through your guests. Picture yourself gaming, with a Subwoofer delivering the deep growls of monsters and the rumble of virtual landscapes, immersing you in the game world.

Whether you're creating a home cinema, enhancing your hifi speakers setup, or elevating your gaming experience, subwoofers are the essential audio companions that will redefine the way you feel and experience sound.

Feel the power of deep bass with subwoofers. Explore our selection today and discover how these powerhouse speakers can transform your audio adventures into bass-rich, immersive journeys.

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