Turntable Slipmats

About Turntable Slipmats

Here you'll find a range of turntable mats and slip mats for your record player.

Choose from various slipmat designs from your favourite bands inc. The Beatles.

What Is A Turntable Slipmat?

The slip mat is the circular piece of material that sits on top of the turntable platter.

You’ll place your vinyl records on top of the mat and its job is to protect the record from scratches, dampen vibrations & remove static.

A felt slip mat will assist with beat matching and scratching when DJing.

And they can look good with lots of different designs available inc. band logos and artwork.

Do I Need A Turntable Mat?

In most cases we recommend that you do have a turntable mat.

All of our turntables will come with either a rubber or felt mat as standard.

You can upgrade to a cork slipmat for sound qualities or put a designer felt mat on to personalise your turntable.

Unless you have an acrylic turntable platter then we always recommend to use a slipmat.

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