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About Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are the easiest way to add room-filling sound to your home. Whether you're looking to add music to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living spaces we have plenty of options to suit your needs and budgets.

From the bestselling Lithe Audio which features a built-in amplifier and Bluetooth receiver for plug & play installation to higher-quality amplifier + ceiling speaker combinations from WiiM which gives you more flexibility over your speaker choice.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Features

  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth ceiling speakers enable you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer, offering seamless connectivity without the need for additional wiring or complicated setups.

  • Discreet Design: These speakers feature a discreet and flush-mounted design that seamlessly blends into your decor, providing a minimalist and elegant audio solution that doesn't disrupt your home's aesthetic.

  • High-Quality Audio: They deliver rich and immersive sound, creating a captivating audio environment that enhances your overall home entertainment experience with lots of different options available at varying power outputs.

  • Easy Installation: Bluetooth ceiling speakers are typically designed for easy installation, especially the Lithe Audio range which includes a built in amplifier for plug & play installation.

  • TV Connection: You can connect a TV to most Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems either wirelessly via Bluetooth or via a cable.

  • Voice Control: Most Bluetooth ceiling speakers can be connected to an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to add voice control and WiFi streaming with basic multi-room audio.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Types

There are two main types of Bluetooth ceiling speakers;

  • All-In-One: Our most popular Bluetooth ceiling speaker is the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker which is an all in one active ceiling speaker with a built in amplifier and Bluetooth receiver. You can simply connect it to 230v mains power, pair your smartphone and play your music! These systems offer amazing value for money with great sound quality and a whole host of useful features. They're great for bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens and bedrooms in particular.

  • Amplifier + Ceiling Speakers: These systems pair a HiFi amplifier with passive in ceiling speakers for greater flexibility, more features and better sound quality. Whilst there is a small amount of additional cabling required, these types of bluetooth ceiling speaker system let you choose much higher quality speakers, more powerful amplifiers and additional features such as HDMI eARC for connecting to your television. If you want the best sound quality, feature set and future proofing then this is the way to go.


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