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Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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About Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are the ultimate audio solution, providing a discreet and sophisticated way to enjoy high-quality sound throughout your living space.

These innovative ceiling speakers are designed to be seamlessly installed into your ceiling, offering a sleek and unobtrusive audio experience that complements your home's interior design.

We're experts in Bluetooth ceiling speakers and have carefully curated a wide selection of amplifier + ceiling speaker bundles as well as all-in-one ceiling speakers with built-in amplifiers to make choosing the right system for your home easy.

Let's explore the world of Bluetooth ceiling speakers and discover how they can elevate your audio experiences to new heights.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers Features

  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth ceiling speakers enable you to stream audio wirelessly from your smart devices, offering seamless connectivity without the need for additional wiring or complicated setups.

  • Discreet Design: These speakers feature a discreet and flush-mounted design that seamlessly blends into your ceiling, providing a minimalist and elegant audio solution that doesn't disrupt your home's aesthetic.

  • High-Quality Audio: They deliver rich and immersive sound, creating a captivating audio environment that enhances your overall home entertainment experience with lots of different options available at varying power outputs.

  • Easy Installation: Bluetooth ceiling speakers are typically designed for easy installation, especially the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers with a built in amplifier, providing a hassle-free way to bring high-quality audio to different rooms without complex modifications or alterations.

  • TV Connections: You can connect a TV to most Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems either wirelessly via Bluetooth or through HDMI or optical cable depending on which system you go for.

  • Voice Control: Most Bluetooth ceiling speakers can be connected to an Amazon Echo or Google Home device to add voice control and WiFi streaming with basic multi-room audio.

  • Sleek Aesthetic: They offer a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, allowing you to enjoy seamless audio without the need for additional floor-standing speakers or audio equipment that may occupy valuable space.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Types

You'll find a few different types of system, each has their own benefits, pros and cons.

It really depends on what you're trying to achieve and which room you're adding music to.

  • All-In-One Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers: Our most popular Bluetooth ceiling speaker is the Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker which is an all in one active ceiling speaker with a built in amplifier and Bluetooth receiver. You can simply connect it to a local socket outlet or into your lighting circuit, pair your smartphone and play your music! These systems offer amazing value for money with great sound quality and a whole host of useful features.

  • Bluetooth Wall Panel + Ceiling Speakers: Next up is a bluetooth ceiling speaker system with a wall mounted amplifier and control panel such as the popular Systemline E50. This system uses passive ceiling speakers connected to an in wall amplifier that also features a Bluetooth receiver and in some cases an FM/DAB Radio (such as the Q Acoustics E120). These systems are great as you have a wider choice of ceiling speakers such as standard, high definition and waterproof speakers for bathrooms and you can also run two pairs of speakers from one amplifier for larger rooms.

  • HiFi Amplifier + Ceiling Speakers: If outright power is your plan then we’d recommend one of our HiFi Bluetooth ceiling speaker bundles which feature a separate amplifier and passive ceiling speakers. These will have a standalone amplifier that you’ll need to cite in a kitchen cupboard or on a TV unit but they feature powerful HiFi quality sound, digital optical audio connections and often subwoofer outputs. This type of system is perfect for larger rooms, when you want the best possible sound quality and also for use with wall-mounted speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers work?

A. There are two types of Bluetooth ceiling speakers. 1) All in one bluetooth ceiling speaker that features a built in amplifier and Bluetooth receiver, simply power it up and stream your music and 2) a freestanding or in wall amplifier unit that wires out to ceiling speakers using speaker cable. No power is required in the ceiling as the amplifier powers the speakers.

These systems typically allow up to four ceiling speakers to be connected to the amplifier so they are more flexible as you can have more speakers and can choose from a wider range of speakers, but they require a bit more wiring than the all in one verison.

Q. Can ceiling speakers be wireless?

A. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer to the wireless ceiling speakers without any cables.

You will need to power the ceiling speaker in the ceiling and wire it to an amplifier, but once installed you can stream music without wires.

Q. Do Bluetooth ceiling speakers need a power supply?

A. All in one ceiling speakers such as the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers will need to be powered by a fused spur or from the lighting circuit. Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems with a separate amplifier will need a power supply to the amplifier but the speakers will connect into the amplifier using speaker cable and do not need 230v power to them.



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