Speaker Cables

About Speaker Cables

One of the most important parts of your speaker system is the speaker cable!

Without it, you’ll not get any sound.

The majority of what we do here at K&B Audio is lifestyle audio, so we’re providing excellent sound quality without breaking the bank. That’s also followed up in our speaker cable ranges. All of our cables are more than adequate for connecting up ceiling speakers.

We offer high quality, top brand speaker cables that are more than adequate for the types of system you’re looking at. I.e ceiling speaker systems, home cinema and outdoor speaker systems.

Let's delve into the world of Speaker Cable and explore how it can optimize your audio setup for unparalleled sound quality and performance.

Speaker Cable Features

  • High-Quality Construction: Speaker Cables are crafted with high-quality materials and advanced engineering to ensure optimal signal transmission and durability.

  • Enhanced Audio Fidelity: These cables are designed to minimize signal loss and interference, delivering pristine and clear sound that faithfully reproduces the original audio source.

  • Multiple Gauge Options: Speaker Cables are available in various gauge sizes, allowing you to choose the right thickness for your specific audio setup and distance requirements.

  • Durable Insulation: They come with durable insulation that protects the cables from external interference and ensures long-lasting performance, even in demanding audio environments.

  • Easy Installation: Speaker Cables are typically easy to install, providing a hassle-free way to connect your audio devices and speakers for a seamless audio experience.

  • Compatibility: They are compatible with a wide range of audio systems, including home theaters, stereo setups, and professional audio environments, offering versatility in their application.

Speaker Cable Types

  • INDOOR SPEAKER CABLE: You have a few options for indoor speaker cable depending on the application. The vast majority of our ceiling speaker systems are connected up with 2 core figure 8 speaker cable. We tend to promote a thicker 42 strand cable than competitors as it’s better overall quality for some of the longer runs involved in ceiling speakers. If you are running cables all around your home then we’d recommend the QED QX16/2 installation speaker cables, almost unbeatable for quality vs price!

  • OUTDOOR SPEAKER CABLE: For outdoor speaker cables you should use an appropriately rated outdoor speaker cable with PE jacket such as the QED QX16/2PE. This protects the cable from the elements and UV from the sun. Standard cable will degrade quickly and affect your audio performance. You’ll still need to install a conduit but should always use the proper speaker cable for the job.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on speaker cable for lifestyle audio applications, but don’t scrimp too much. Avoid CCA (copper clad aluminium) cables!


For the types of audio we provide here at K&B Audio you don’t need to spend £100’s of pounds on magic speaker cable. 

All of the ranges you’ll find here are more than adequate for lifestyle HiFi, ceiling and in wall speakers and bookshelf speakers.

Choose a high quality, oxygen free copper cable from a top brand to ensure quality.

For in ceiling, in wall, bookshelf and HiFi speakers choose a 2 core cable such as the QED QX16/2.

If you are installing outdoor speakers then you should use an outdoor speaker cable with a PE rated jacket. This protects it against UV from the sun. You will still need to install these cables in a PVC flexible conduit or duct.


Connecting speaker cables is really easily.

All ceiling speakers have spring loaded terminals, you simply strip back the speaker cable and insert it into the spring clamps for a secure fit.

Most of the amplifiers we sell all feature screw terminals, again you simply strip the speaker cable, insert into the terminals and tighten with a screwdriver.

You can also use speaker wall plates & banana plugs to connect to amplifiers and bookshelf speakers. This can make connecting up easier and once the banana plug is fitted you can easily unplug the speaker in future.

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