About Amplifiers

We have a range of amplifiers suitable for powering your ceiling speakers or bookshelf speakers.

The amplifiers range from free standing units, larger hi-fi units and discreet in wall amplifiers.

If you already have the speakers, or have a specific set in mind, then you can simply connect them to these amplifiers and start enjoying your music at home!

Types Of Amplifier

IN WALL AMPLIFIER: A lot of the audio we provide here at K&B Audio is discreet ceiling speakers with hidden amplifiers so you’ll find a wide range of in wall and in ceiling amplifiers.

No longer do you need a large bulky HiFi rack and heavy amplifiers.

Simply install an in wall amplifier in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, connect to your speakers and you are away!

FREESTANDING AMPLIFIER: Freestanding amplifiers are generally a lot more powerful and often have more connectivity. If you are looking for maximum power and want the ability to add subwoofers etc then look no further than a freestanding amplifier such as the popular Tangent Ampster BTII.

Most of our freestanding amplifiers are still based around “lifestyle” audio so therefore can be placed out of sight in a kitchen cupboard, by your TV etc. You can then simply pair your phone, the amplifier will turn on, and you’re enjoying your music!

Popular Amplifier Features

BLUETOOTH: This is the most common and most popular type of amplifier on the market today. You can simply pair your smart phone, tablet, computer or other audio device to the system and stream your favourite music wirelessly. 

No need for CD players or other music sources.

DAB & FM RADIO AMPLIFIERS: For a quick and easy solution consider a DAB / FM radio amplifier. You can simply hit a button and play your favourite radio station. Some of our radio amplifiers also include bluetooth streaming as well so you have plenty of ways to enjoy your music!

SUBWOOFER INPUT: For maximum sound quality and bass we’d recommend choosing an amplifier that has an input for an active subwoofer. We have a few to choose from including the Monitor Audio IA40-3 and the Tangent Ampster BTII both of which when paired with decent ceiling speakers and a subwoofer will provide a formidable speaker system for your home!

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