KB Sound Select Star Overview & Unboxing - Bluetooth, FM & DAB Radio Ceiling Speaker System

KB Sound Select Star Overview & Unboxing - Bluetooth, FM & DAB Radio Ceiling Speaker System

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Hi, Im Aiden from K&B Audio and today we are looking at the Select Star from KB Sound.

KB Sound has been around for over 10 years now and has really made a name for itself with hit products like the soundaround and the Mando wall unit.

However, most recently they have taken 2 of their product ranges, discontinued them and built 1 great product.

The Select Star is the combination of the popular Iselect and Select BT. 

With this discreet Audio solution the only part of the system you will see are the speakers in the ceiling.

This system has a built in Bluetooth as well as FM OR DAB radio. The benefits to using dedicated radio over internet radio is that you don't have to rely on an internet connection.

Unlike other bluetooth systems we sell this system is fully app controlled, essentially there are 2 bluetooth drivers. One to control the system and one to stream to the system. 

Once you have connected to the bluetooth you are able to control a few different settings. 

You can set a custom Bluetooth name and pin at home and this is the only system we sell that can do this. You can also Turn on and off sub zones, Change the radio station, Change the audio from stereo to mono and set a volume limit.

And on top you can also set ideal mode. Which means that when the main unit its fed power, it will turn on automatically and tune into a preset radio station.

This is great for when you want to be able to walk into a room, turn the lights on and the music starts playing.

Out of the box the system can handle 4 8ohm speakers however, you have the ability to connect a sub zone amplifier which can handle another 4 speakers.

The sub zone amp will play the same music at the same time as the main amp however, from the app you can turn off and stop playing music to all other sub amps.

These systems come with either 2.5” speakers or 5” speakers. These speakers are sold as pairs and 1 of the speakers will have an IR sensor on.

This system should fill out most small and medium sized rooms with background music and will sound good. The 5” speakers have a better bass response and generally sound louder and better than the 2.5” speakers. 

The system has an optional remote control which can also control the entire system. Having a remote control is handy for people who don't have use smart devices.

The Select Star is also amazon echo compatible, once you have connected it, when the Echo plays music it will play through the system giving you access to hands free control.

So, if you are looking for a discreet in ceiling radio and bluetooth system for good quality background music then this is the system you need.