Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Overview - All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Overview - All-in-one Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

Craig Walker |

To buy and Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker, click here. 

This all-in-one speaker is currently one of our best selling Bluetooth ceiling speaker systems and with good reason. 

This speaker is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to add music to their kitchen, bedroom or living areas. They are super easy to use and sound amazing for the price.

This is primarily a Bluetooth ceiling speaker, meaning that after you have connected your smart device via Bluetooth to the speaker anything you play on it such as Spotify, Tunein Radio, youtube or anything else will play through the speaker. 

Connecting via Bluetooth is easy, simply go to your Bluetooth settings, search for a new device and look for your speaker, The name that shows will be either you custom Bluetooth name or the “Lithe Audio BT”. Once you click on that enter the pin code which is normally 4 zeros and after that you should be connected.

We also have the capability to change the Bluetooth name to any custom name, most of our customers change the Bluetooth name to Bathroom or en-suite so you know what speaker you are connecting to. Just make sure you tell us what custom name you would like when placing your order.

However, this speaker also has an RCA input on the rear, which will allow to you physically connect to the device via cable. Normally this is used for TV’s or audio streamers such as the echo input. 

It’s also fully amazon alexa compatible via Bluetooth, essentially put your echo within 8 meters of the mast speaker so its in reach and connect it via the alexa amp. Once your echo is Bluetooth to the speaker, you’ll be able to voice control it. 

This ceiling speaker has a built in 50w amplifier however, a single speaker on its own will only play in mono so if you want stereo quality you’ll need to get a pair.

Although you can only have 1 passive speaker to a master you can use the Lithe Link technology to connect up to 3 pairs of speakers together for larger rooms. 

We normally recommend That any room up to 5x5 meters needs a pair, up to 10x5 will need 2 pairs and larger rooms will need 3 pairs  

This All-in-one speaker has been built with a 6.5” woofer and a .75” titanium tweeter.

The tweeter is directional so you can point the music towards your normal listening position and there is also a light equalizer on the front to better tune the speaker to your type of music.

All Lithe Audio speakers we sell comes with free bluetooth renaming and an extra years warranty, making it 3 years in total. We personally have years of experience using and installing these speakers and offer free technical support with every purchase.

These speakers are really easy to install and almost any electrician should be able to fit it. All they need to do is take a fused spur from the permanent live on the lighting circuit into a 3 pin socket which can live in the attic space, then it's a simple case of plugging the speaker in to the socket with the supplied 3 pin plug and fixing the speaker in the ceiling.