Systemline E50 Overview & Unboxing - On Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

Systemline E50 Overview & Unboxing - On Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

Craig Walker |

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The Systemline E50 is a no clutter all in one music system. 

Its stylish wall panel has touch sensitive controls, built in bluetooth, auxiliary and some hidden magic.

Well not quite magic, but this is one of the E50’s biggest selling points, its contactless gesture control.

This elegant feature will wow any and all of your guests when entertaining.

Whether your in the middle of washing up or taking a shower, you can easily change the song with just a swipe.

The gesture control includes     volume, muting and track swapping.

The E50 can be installed into almost any room, they even do a bathroom version. The white bathroom version does not have the front aux for obvious reasons.

The touch sensitive buttons respond exactly as you would hope and ensure the longevity of the unit for years to come. 

The unit itself is the size of a 2 gang socket and comes out about 10mm.

On the front of the panel you have the home icon which tells you if the unit is in standby mode.

In the centre is the power switch to turn it on.

Under that is the volume controls, The dotted line of lights actually show you the current volume of the system and the icons either side will change the level.

Then you have the source key, which will swap it between bluetooth and auxiliary. 

At the bottom left is the front auxiliary input, The white models will not have this as they are designed for bathrooms.

At the top of the sources are little indicator lights which help you know what's playing. 

Now let's talk about some of the features, first of all is the bluetooth. 

Just like any other bluetooth device, connect your phone and start playing. However, with the Systemline E50 you are able to change the bluetooth name yourself.

Unfortunately you can't choose a custom name when at home. You can however select from a few presets. In the manual it will explain how to change the same form the standard to names like kitchen, Bathroom, bedroom and quite a few more. 

If that does not take your fancy, before you make a purchase with us, tell us you want a custom bluetooth name and we will code it in for you free of charge.

On top of that,,,, The E50 is amazon echo compatible allowing you to play anything from your alexa.

Another feature that this unit has that most other systems don't is a mono selector. There are a few reasons you might want to use this. Normally it's because the speakers are quite far apart so it make sense to use mono over stereo.

This unit has a rear auxiliary connection which most people use to connect a permanent source like a TV However, this system has a front auxiliary which incredible useful for when you or guests want to plug in and start playing music from a phone.

Systemline have created a few different bundles for this unit. 

The standard system will come with 2 background music speakers. Which are QI65CBs.

They also have a Bathroom version, which is the white IP54 rated panel with a QI65CW-ST which is a single stereo bathroom speaker.

Or you can get a 4 speaker bundle which has 4 QI65CB’s if you have a larger room to fill.