Common Buying Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Common Buying Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Craig Walker |

We've rounded up a few of the common buying mistakes we've seen and added them here with the aim of helping you avoid making the same mistakes.

This post will get added to as and when we see an issue that needs explaining. Our main aim is to continue to improve our website, product pages and information so these mistakes are happening less and less now.


1. 6.5" Ceiling Speakers Are Not 6.5 inches.


When we talk about ceiling speakers the size relates to the woofer. The part of the speaker that produces the sound. However this is surrounded by the frame which is needed to hold the woofer in place in the ceiling. The actual overall size of a 6.5" ceiling speaker is usually closer to 9 inches.

This same rule applies for speakers of every size, whether it's 2.5", 5" or 8" - this always relates to the woofer size and you should expect the overall speaker dimensions to be greater.


2. All Ceiling Speakers Come With White Grilles


We've been asked a few times if the speakers come with grilles! All of our speakers include a grille. They are almost always white but often can be painted to suit your interior if required.

We have since updated the site to include pictures of the grilles to make this clearer so this is now becoming less of an issue.