Why You Should Choose Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Refurb!

Why You Should Choose Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Refurb!

Craig Walker |

I’m getting asked more and more for information about ceiling speakers in the home. There’s a big choice of products out there with an equally wide range of options and it can be difficult to decide what’s best for you, so here are my thoughts, based on the most common questions I get from customers.


What are the benefits of ceiling speakers over the traditional box speakers?


  • Cleaner. Get rid of that snake’s wedding of wires shoved behind furniture that attract all that dust.
  • Easier. You can fit your ceiling speakers into the ceiling void and run any cables you need between floors.


Smarter. Ceiling speakers are discreet and can de-clutter your décor, especially in a modern home.

Safer. You don’t have big, heavy and expensive speakers sitting on the floor or perched on a shelf for children to knock over

Better. You can achieve better sound dispersal in larger rooms and throughout the house if you choose the right speaker for your room.


Where in the house can I put ceiling speakers?


The great thing about ceiling speakers is their flexibility. There’s a speaker for your main living room or for the smallest room in your house, and ceiling speakers are ideal for multi-room sound throughout your home.

The benefits of ceiling speakers in the bathroom have always been obvious; it’s much safer, doing away with electrical wires, and you can place them where you can hear them best. But be careful not to locate speakers where steam collects, such as directly above a shower head.

Ceiling speakers are a great addition to the kitchen, so you can enjoy the radio or background music while cooking or have a great-sounding accompaniment to a meal or for a party. And for your sitting room you can relax to your favourite music linked to your iPhone or TV.

There’s a suitable size of speaker for every room; smaller single stereo speakers work for the bathroom or you can pair mono speakers for a stereo effect in the largest space.


Are ceiling speakers difficult to fit?


Ceiling speakers are easy to fit because you can use the space between floors to run cables and sit any equipment (even if they’re Bluetooth or wireless, speakers still need a power source). So if you’re not planning this as part of a major renovation or build, you can still get it done with minimal mess and cost.

However, if you are planning major work, this is a good time to be thinking about whether you should have built-in sound throughout your house through ceiling speakers while you can easily get cables around your home.


What should I connect the speakers to?


Ceiling speakers form a part of a home audio system, but most are passive, which means they need an amplifier to produce music. If you already have a Hi-Fi amplifier then you’re set to go but if you don’t, then you’ll need to consider what you are going to connect your speakers to.

You can go for a small free-standing amplifier, some even include built in Bluetooth. You can even get ceiling speakers with built in amplifiers and Bluetooth receivers, which are really simple to install, very reliable for audio and APTX gives great quality. In wall amplifiers are always there ready for you to use and are ideal for kitchens and bedrooms.


Which ceiling speakers should I choose?


Bluetooth or WiFi? Mono, stereo? There are so many options nowadays. I like the Q Install range from Q Acoustics. Options range from the relatively inexpensive and slim-fit QI65CB speaker, which delivers good volume from quite low power, to the 8-inch Performance stereo speaker, which can fill a room with sound and should meet most needs.

To be honest, it comes down to taste and where you want your speakers to go. At Tech 4 Homes, we’re always happy to talk through options with our customers and advise on the best speaker for your needs.

Remember, your speakers will become part of your house, so it’s best to get it right, from the start.