5 Reasons Why Music In Your Kitchen Will Improve Your Life

5 Reasons Why Music In Your Kitchen Will Improve Your Life

Craig Walker |

If you are planning a refurbishment or new build then we understand that budgets can sometimes run away with themselves. But did you realise just how much music affects your life?

Music is very important. It motivates, it breeds creativity. Happiness. Sadness. Music marks memories such as weddings, births and many other happy occasions. It is unquestionable that music affects your life.

When high quality music systems start from under £100 it's hard to find an excuse not to install a ceiling speaker system.

With our radio systems you'll have invested in many years of happy memories created, and recalled. You'll be able to enjoy those memories with high quality room filling sound, streamed from your smart phone!


Here's 5 reasons why you really should be making a kitchen radio number 1 on your list. From my own personal experiences with my Systemline E200 kitchen radio.


1. Family Time

I genuinely love nothing more than coming home to my wife and son, hitting play on the "Top UK 50 Chart" on Spotify and watching my two year old throwing some shapes on the kitchen dance floor (I honestly didn't teach him to dance like that). This has been a daily occurrence for as long as I can remember now. "Daddy Do Dancing!!"


2. Dinner Parties

As we got older (he says at 31!), we went out less, and stayed in more! Thus came the dinner parties with friends. Our trusty Systemline radio provides the background music throughout dinner. Sure before the installed radio I had a portable bluetooth speaker which sounded ok, but I always forgot to charge it when I needed it the most. And it was always awkward to position. Not a problem with an installed radio though, built in keypad, always charged and ready to act. Discreet flush mount ceiling speakers with no wires on show.


3. Work Time

If you run a small business or have a demanding job then you can probably relate. Work doesn't stop at the office. And despite having a home office I very often sit at the kitchen table with my "Top 100 Motivational Songs" playlist running on Spotify. Most people find that music helps them achieve more. I certainly don't disagree!


4. Life Events

Our kitchen has held host to a few "life events" now. My 30th birthday party, our baby shower, engagement party and our sons first and second birthdays. There will be plenty more to come. But they wouldn't be the same without that music. The beauty of ceiling speakers is that you get better sound dispersal, so you can fill a room with music much easier than a Hi-Fi system or standalone radio. That means when you have a kitchen full to the brim with family and friends then everyone will be listening at relatively the same volume.


5. Makes Cleaning Far Easier

I think this one is obvious, but most people don't love having to clean their kitchens. However, loud fast-paced music is guaranteed to improve your chances of getting the job done quickly, so you can get back to doing something better. Like listening to music in your kitchen without cleaning! And yes, I do clean my own kitchen, sometimes!


This is just how I use mine. (Notice I didn't mention anything about how it will improve your cooking?!) But you have to remember a kitchen radio isn't just bits of plastic and electricity. An installed kitchen radio will become part of your life, it'll be there for you through thick or thin, life events good or bad, dinner parties successful or not.

The average lifespan of a kitchen is 15+ years. Why not make the most of it!