Music Streaming: Bluetooth Speakers vs WiFi Speakers, What’s Better?

Music Streaming: Bluetooth Speakers vs WiFi Speakers, What’s Better?

Craig Walker |

There are two main types of ceiling speaker systems, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Here’s how they differ so you can decide which one is right for you…


Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers


Bluetooth ceiling speakers are a point-to-point connection. You can connect one smartphone/tablet to the system wirelessly via Bluetooth and stream your music.

Almost every smartphone, tablet and computer out there now features Bluetooth so it’s pretty universal! No apps required and once connected your speaker system will play anything that you device can play!

However with Bluetooth you have to be within 8-10 metres of the amplifier or the connection will drop out, and it’s a single room solution – you can only connect to one system at a time and play in one room at a time.


WiFi Ceiling Speakers


With WiFi speakers you’re generally going to be connecting the amplifier to your home network (internet) and controlling the system via a bespoke app that you’ll need to download.

Very similar so far…

But for the extra money you get multiroom!

With multiroom you can start playing music in one room, say the kitchen, then you can add other rooms to play the same music in perfect sync!

You’ll need a WiFi system in each room though so it can get a little expensive, but it does make for a great all round solution that lets you enjoy music around your home without limits.

The other great benefit of WiFi over Bluetooth is the fact that your range limitation is removed. As long as you are on your homes WiFi network then the music will keep playing!

Some of our systems also feature AirPlay – this is very much like Bluetooth in so far as you can stream directly from any iOS device without using an app to an individual room. You can’t sync rooms together via AirPlay but you can easily stream your music without an app.



To summarise, bluetooth is best for single room solutions like adding music to your kitchen only, or other rooms as well if you never need to synchronise the music.




  • Cost Effective
  • Universal – No apps required
  • No WiFi required (provided music is stored on the device)
  • Simple to use
  • Can stream YouTube


  • Range of 8-10 metres
  • Only one device can connect at any one time.
  • If your phone rings, or you get an email etc, the music is interrupted. 

Whereas if you want to add music to various rooms of your home and have the ability to synchronise rooms together then WiFi multiroom ceiling speakers are the way to go!




  • No Range Issues – as long as you are on your WiFi music will play.
  • Synchronise rooms to playback music together – great for parties and bigger living areas.
  • Better sound quality.
  • No music interruptions when you get a phone call or email.
  • Some systems feature AirPlay – stream music directly to a single room without using an app. Best of both worlds.


  • More expensive
  • Requires use of an app
  • Unable to stream YouTube via WiFi – if this is important then choose a multiroom system that also features Bluetooth.


We have a wide range of bluetooth ceiling speakers and WiFi multiroom ceiling speakers.

If you need any help choosing a system then please feel free to email us or call one of our audio advisers on 02393 190955