Top 10 Ceiling Speakers - Updated for 2022

Top 10 Ceiling Speakers - Updated for 2022

Craig Walker |

We are specialists in the UK dealing with custom installed audio and we have been helping customers find the right ceiling speakers for them for many years. 

So if you're on the market for some ceiling speakers in 2022 but a bit confused about the numerous options, brands, sizes, styles etc. then look no further our audio experts have created this list to help.

This blog has been designed to help you choose the best in ceiling speakers for your home audio project based on what other people are buying. If you are looking for some bookshelf speakers instead of installed audio, take a look over all of the speakers we offer.

You'll also find a very comprehensive ceiling speaker buying guide here where we cover everything from ceiling speaker types, amplifiers, wiring etc. 


View the Top 10 In Ceiling Speakers For 2022

Ceiling Speakers FAQ


View the Top 10 In Ceiling Speakers For 2022

1. Lithe Audio 6.5" Bluetooth In Ceiling Speaker

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker


KB Audio Expert Comment: 

This is one of the simplists Bluetooth Ceiling speaker systems you can purchase, simply power it on and stream music directly to it via Bluetooth. With the speaker boasting a large 30m range you'll be able to carry your phone into the next room without affecting the music.

These ceiling speakers are a perfect match for a kitchen, dining room and more. Since this speaker has the amplifier included and built into the main speaker, there is no need to purchase any other components. The kit you see is all you need to add ceiling speakers into your room.

Talking about sound quality, these sound great! the 50W powerful amplifier compliments the kevlar woven cone and titanium tweeter perfectly. I would say these speakers are perfect for background music as well as being able to be turned up loud to entertain guests and have a party. 

One last feature I will talk about is the low latency Bluetooth chip built into this ceiling speaker means you can wirelessly stream AV to the speaker without a delay, which is a common issue for most other bluetooth speakers.  

What does that mean? Simply put, you can Bluetooth your TV sound to the ceiling speakers wirelessly and it will be in sync. There's a good reason these have been ranked number 1 on our list. 


  • Built in Bluetooth Receiver
  • Built in Amplifier
  • RCA Audio Input
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX & up to 30m Range

Best For: Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Spaces etc.

Pros: All in one design requires no additional amplifier or receivers, just plug & play! Excellent value for money

Cons: Installing more than 2 speakers in an area adds up as you need to buy two pairs and link them together.

RRP Price: £219 for a single, £299 for a pair.

2. Q Install QI65C 6.5" In Ceiling Speakers

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

Q Acoustic custom install speakers are a great option for high quality audio without spending the world on them. A pair of these linked up to the right Amplifier can create a really awesome sound ceiling speaker system.

They have a power handling of upto 60W paired with a 6.5" woofer and 0.75" tweeter. These are great for background music, but they also offer good depth of sound for when turning up the volume. 

These ceiling speakers are easy to install with the dog ear clips and the pair of speakers are supplied magnetic grilles which help blend the speaker into the ceiling.


  • Low profile Magnetic Grille
  • Two Way Design
  • Moisture Resistant Cone.

Best For: General music in kitchens, living spaces etc.

Pros: Great sound quality, discreet looks when installed

Cons: Only sold in pairs so awkward if you're looking for a 5.0 ceiling speaker system.

Price: £199 RRP - Usually around £175 

3. Monitor Audio C265-IDC Three Way In Ceiling Speaker

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

The Monitor Audio C265-IDC stands out from all others on this list as its a true 3 way ceiling speaker, meaning it has a 6.5" woofer, a 4" C-CAM RST Inverted Midrange driver and also has a 1" Gold Dome Tweeter.

Monitor Audio offer some really impressive sound from their audio products and this speaker is no different. If your planning a high quality system where you want a really juicy system, these are the speakers you want to look at.

They have a power handling of 85W, however, its rated at 6 ohms so it will drive harder, but generally you can only wire 2 of these into a stereo amplifier like the Sonos Amplifier.


  • Three Way Speaker
  • Environment Equaliser
  • Boundary Control

Best For: High quality music

Pros: Amazing sound quality, true three way design for enriched mids and high tones

Cons: Three way design adds a bit of depth so these require an overall depth of 153mm compared to others at 80-90mm

Price: £230 / each 

4. Lithe Audio 6.5" Passive Ceiling Speakers

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

These lithe audio speakers are like the active all in one speakers ranked at number one, however these are the passive versions. That means if you want the quality of the Lithe Audio speakers but want to either keep your existing amplifier or wire it into a wifi multiroom system like a sonos. 

What makes these passive speakers different is that the tweeter is floating and not connected through the main woofer cone like other speakers. They can handle upto 60W of power and come with a standard white speaker grille that protrudes roughly 3mm.


  • Floating tweeter
  • Kevlar Cone
  • Environment Equaliser
  • Low profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Good quality background music, entry level home cinema, Dolby Atmos speakers etc.

Pros: Amazing value for money

Cons: Hard to fault at this price!

Price: £138 / pair

5. Q Install QI65CB 6.5" In Ceiling Speaker

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

Although these are ranked in the middle, these are our best selling ceiling speaker. That is beauce we bundle these speakers up with lots of different ceiling speaker systems. These ceiling speakers cost under £90 and offer great quality for the price. 

Albeit these won't compete with the top of the range speakers, if you're looking for nice background music, with the ability to go louder when entertain guests these are the speakers you should look at. 

These speakers are perfect for a lower powered system like our Systemline E50 but offer good quality for home use. These are still designed and products by Q acoustic install whom are a fantastic UK audio company.  


  • Designed For Low Power Amplifiers
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Low budget installations

Pros: Cheap, sound good for the money, low profile grille.

Cons: Lack bass, no tweeter, not great for high quality primary listening.

Price: £89.99 / pair 


6. Q Install QI65CW-ST 6.5" Stereo In Ceiling Speaker

Q Install QI65CW ST Bathroom Ceiling Speaker 

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

Keeping on trend with best sellers, this ceiling speaker from Q install boasts 2 tweeters. That essentially means you'll get stereo effect from a single speaker position. 

This speaker is the only one in the list that is also IP4x rated so it can be installed into a bathroom and other wet rooms. You'll also get the great quality that comes with a Q install speaker and this one can handle up to 60W per!

This is our 2nd best selling bathroom speaker and its a great speaker to pair with a Sonos Amplifier, or even a more discreet hidden amplifier. Just ensure you run 2 lots of speakers cables as it requires 2 channels.


  • IP44 Water Resistant
  • 2 x Tweeters For Stereo Sound
  • Environmental Equaliser

Best For: Bathrooms, En-Suites

Pros: Water resistant, stereo sound from one speaker, great price point.

Cons: Whilst still discreet, it doesn't have a magnetic low profile grille like other speakers in the range.

Price: £180 RRP, often around £150

7. Monitor Audio CP-CT260 6.5" Controlled Performance Ceiling Speaker

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

As it says in the name, this speaker from Monitor Audio has their controlled performance technology. To keep it simple, there is a pre installed fully sealed back box around the speaker to help speaker sound even better! 

Here is Monitor Audios technical details about the CP range:

"The Controlled Performance (CP) range is fitted with fully-sealed back boxes that provide an ideal air load for the drivers, optimising mid-range and bass performance while maintaining sonic consistency regardless of interior wall construction.

These rigid, mineral filled enclosures reduce the sound from the back of the cabinet by around 30 dB. This range guarantees excellent audio quality and versatility, for superior level of sound isolation between rooms and floors."


  • Enclosed Design For Controlled Sound Performance
  • Two Way Design
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Home Cinema, High Quality Background Music

Pros: Closed back design for optimum sound quality in any situation.

Cons: Deep, needs 155mm of ceiling void to install.

Price: £199.99 / each

8. Q Install QI80C 8" Ceiling Speakers

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

These are very similar to the QI65C's that we discussed at rank 2, however, this version is slightly bigger. Boasting an 8" woofer, this ceiling speaker from Q Install is going to offer you much more depth and bass to your music compared to the smaller 6.5".

Not only will you get more bass from these slightly bigger speakers, you'll also get better coverage so if you have a slightly larger room that you'll struggle to fit 4 speakers into, a pair of these bigger speakers will suit you!


  • Large 8" Woofer
  • Directional Tweeter
  • Low Profile Magnetic Grille

Best For: Larger Rooms

Pros: Great sound quality, great price.

Cons: Only sold in pairs so not ideal if you're wanting to use them for home cinema.

Price: £299 RRP - Usually around £250 / pair

9. KB Sound White In Ceiling Speakers (2.5" - 5")

KB Sound In Ceiling Speakers

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

These speakers are perfect if you looking to fit out a smaller kitchen, bathroom or bedroom with music. These offer good quality without taking up to much ceiling space. Unlike the other speakers on this list, these are the smallest. 

Being 2.5" cone size means the overall diameter is 95mm, which is perfect to fit alongside some spot lights so the blend into the ceiling. They also offer the bigger 5" cone version which in my experience is better for those who like a tad more bass with their music. 

We typically offer these speakers with either a in ceiling radio kit called the KB Sound star of the in wall amplifier from KB Sound. Both are perfect for lite background music.


  • Small in size
  • Built-in grille
  • Matches Spotlights
  • Moisture Resistant

Best For: General music in kitchens, bedrooms etc.

Pros: Small in size

Cons: Tinny at high volumes

Price: From £49.99 / pair

10. Adastra C5D 5" In Ceiling Speaker

KB Audio Expert Comment: 

I would class these speakers as entry level for installed audio, they offer an adequate sound quality for the price, reliable and long lasting. These are great for anyone who wants ceiling speakers but are also on a budget.

We pair these speakers up with low powered amplifiers and they are also only a 5.25" cone size so they are slightly smaller compared to other ceiling speakers on this list.

Depending on the application, these are perfect for home use as well as for lite businesses.


  • Two Way Design
  • Adjustable Tweeter
  • Spring Loaded Terminal Mounts

Best For: Budget audio applications in kitchens, bedrooms etc.

Pros: Surprisingly good for the very low cost

Cons: Lack bass and sound a bit "tinny" but to be expected at this price

Price: £29.99 / each

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Ceiling Speakers FAQ

How are ceiling speakers connected?

Most ceiling speakers have a plus and negative terminal that you wire speaker cable in each back to an amplifier. The amplifier will also have corresponding plus and negative for the left and right channel. Simply wire plus to plus and negative to negative for each speaker.

Lithe Audio's all in one speaker only requires power to get up and running as they have put an amplifier on the speaker itself. 

Can you use Ceiling speakers for TV?

Yes, check out our guide on how to connect your TV to your ceiling speakers

How many ceiling speakers do I need?

This will depending on the size of your room, for a room sized 5x5 or under, we would recommend 2 ceiling speakers. Generally you need to keep them in pairs (One left channel and one right channel).

For a larger room, maybe a open plan kitchen and dining room sized at 10m x 5m then we would recommend 4 speakers. Essentially for every 5m x 5m space, you'll need a pair of speakers.

This is based on the average sized ceiling speaker of 6.5" or bigger. Smaller speakers have less coverage so you will have to plan for that.

Which speaker is best for ceiling

In the UK we have opted to use circle installed speakers for the ceiling, I guess this matches our style better. However, in the USA they use both circle and rectangle speakers.

Its recommend not to use car speakers, boat speakers or even rare component speakers within the ceiling. Sticking to a dedicated ceiling speaker is recommended as they are built for that exact purpose.

Are ceiling speakers any good?

Yes! For background music they offer much better sound coverage as they emit sound from above and all around. Not only that but it means you don't have to have clutter and boxed speakers within the room itself.

In use as apart of a surround sound cinema they can also play a vital role. Atmos is height map so ceiling speakers work really well as an atmos speaker.

Do ceiling speakers need a subwoofer?

Depending on the speaker you choose and your use, however, most larger ceiling speakers starting from 6.5" offer more than adequate depth of sound for background music. 

You may want to add a sub into the mix of ceiling speakers if you are planning a home cinema and need the extra bass, or if you personally like more bass with your audio. 

Can I use in ceiling speakers for rear surround?

Yes! In fact surround sound ceiling speakers can offer a better listening experience for movies. We would recommend having the rear ceiling speakers slightly behind the listening position.

How far apart should in ceiling speakers be?

General speakers should be 2-3 meters apart roughly. However this is really dependant on the use and size. If you stick to 2 speakers for every 5m x 5m and position them equal distance from each other and the wall they will be the right distance apart.

How should I arrange my ceiling speakers?

For background music, you want to arrange your speakers in a central location to the room / listening area. They should be equal distance from the walls and other speakers. By doing that, they will offer an even sound coverage.

If you plan to use it for home cinema, then you'll need 3 speakers for the front channels and 2 for the rear.

Can I connect ceiling speakers to my soundbar?

This is not easy to achieve, you either need a passive sound bar and wire it and the ceiling speakers to an AVR or bigger amplifier. Alternitivly if post systems work on their own merit, use something to tie them together like an amazon alexa or google home.

How do you wire a ceiling speaker to an amp?

This is a lot simpler than you may first think, on the back on your amplifier will be speaker terminals, normally 4. 2 for left and 2 for right. Each will have its own plus and negative.

Speaker cable has 2 cores so that you can wire one channel with both terminals. Once you have wired it on the amp, run that wire to the speaker and use the same cores for plus and negative on the speaker. 

Do that for both speakers and you are ready to go.

Does more watts mean better sound?

No, lots of variables will determine the quality of a speaker. This can include things like quality of electronics used, quality of cone material and tweeter, speaker construction material, technology used and much more. 


So there you have it, our top 10 in ceiling speakers. Unlike other lists you'll see we have selected our from data, research and hands on knowledge working with customers. 

We quote up hundreds of speaker systems for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and even whole of home systems. So these speakers we have listed are what other customers already have installed in their house and they love them!

Choosing from the above list means you're unlikely to go wrong!

Of course you can contact our audio experts via live chat, email or telephone on 02393 190955 to discuss your project in greater detail and we'll be happy to help you choose the right in ceiling speaker for you.

Don't forget to visit our Sound Advice support centre for more guides, tips and advice.

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