Will A Ceiling Speaker System Add Value To My House?

Will A Ceiling Speaker System Add Value To My House?

Craig Walker |

Whenever you alter, add to or remove something from your home there is always an underlying concern.

"Will this affect the value of my home?"

And as you're about to cut one or more 210mm holes in your ceiling, it's a pretty good question to ask!

Having just sold our family home within two days of being on the market, with three viewings and three offers then accepting an offer at MORE than asking price I thought this was a good time to put my version of the answer to that question.

There are two important elements to look at here.

  1. Value
  2. Saleability


Will ceiling speakers add outright value?

This is the hardest part to quantify, adding a built in speaker system isn't going to add the same type of value that an additional room or a conservatory would.

As much as we love the speaker systems we sell here at K&B Audio it's unlikely that you'll add a quantifiable sum of money to the value of your property by adding a speaker system, however what you may find is that, come sale time, you'll find something far more valuable happening...


It's not all about outright value, if adding a £199-£400 ceiling speaker system helps you:

  • sell quicker
  • sell for the full asking price
  • or even more than the asking price

...then the system has added value overall.

And that's ignoring the fact that you'll have had way more than your monies worth from enjoying the system before you even come to sell!

How It Helped Us

Each of the three couples that viewed our house already knew there was a speaker system in the kitchen as it was on the item particulars, and all of them were interested, asked to demo it and overall loved that feature.

Sure it won't turn a wreck of a property into an instant sale but consider this...

Put two very similar properties up for sale in the same area, one without the speaker system USP and one with and which one is prospective buyer going to choose?

In the end we sold our property for more than asking price, within two days total of being on the market. We needed a quick sale for as close to the asking price as possible due to having already found our perfect new home, which we now own!

The final buyer offered more because there was already an asking price offer, and the third couple were about to put an offer in also.

They added a higher bid on the condition that we leave some more of our AV equipment, they also wanted to meet up to discuss buying some of the other bits that they knew I wouldn't just leave in...

So in the end the simple cost-effective installed technology became such a talking point, assisted in fast full-asking price offers and then eventually led to an offer of over the asking price. 


I can now confidently say that from first hand experience the speaker system helped greatly with the sale of our home. And if I'm honest, it had more impact than I ever thought it would have.

Everyone is different, has different tastes, needs and requirements.

But lets face it, music is universal and enjoyed by most.

A discreet, easy to use ceiling speaker system in the kitchen is certainly not going to hurt things when it comes to selling up. If done correctly it adds a discreet level of luxury admired by most and may just help you generate more interest in your property.

And if you're wondering what got all my viewers so interested in the kitchen, it was a Systemline E100 In Wall Bluetooth & Radio Ceiling Speaker System

If you want to discuss how we can improve the saleability of your home then please get in touch.

We also offer full trade pricing for professional installers, so if you are a developer and want an easy and cost effective way to sell your properties quicker then please get in touch on 02393 190955.

Disclaimer - As with most things in life, what works for me might not work for you, however the general response was very positive, the estate agents were very positive and from talks with various customers we've noticed the same pattern.

We can't make any guarantees but from our own personal experiences a built in ceiling speaker system certainly adds saleability.