How To Install Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

How Do I Install Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

Craig Walker |

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are surprisingly easy to install in your home.

Most of the systems we sell here at K&B Audio are either plug & play, or require very basic wiring that any competent DIYer or electrician can install with ease.

Ceiling Speaker Installation Methods

1. Plug & Play

Active ceiling speakers are the easiest way to add music to your room.

For instance the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speaker has a built-in 50W amplifier and Bluetooth receiver on the back of a 6.5” speaker.

You simply plug it into a mains supply with a 3 pin UK plug, or chop the plug off and wire it directly into a <6A rated lighting circuit..

It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Just because it’s easy to install does not mean that it doesn’t sound great.

Our best selling ceiling speaker system is the Lithe Audio range, these are plug & play with no separate amplifiers required yet they sound amazing and have more features than most of our other systems!

Plug & Play Ceiling Speaker Wiring Diagram

2. Speakers + Amplifier

Don’t be scared off by cables, they are completely invisible once installed and they are super easy to install.

Most other systems that we offer such as the Systemline E120 and the Hamilton Audio multiroom systems comprise of two parts;

  1. Amplifier 
  2. Ceiling Speakers

The ceiling speakers are wired into the amplifier with the included two core speaker cable. 

Your amplifier would be sited away from the speakers, such as in a nearby cupboard, above the ceiling or mounted in a wall box.

The Systemline E50 and Systemline E100 ranges have a stylish in wall amplifier that you’d usually mount near the light switch, beside a bed or behind the kitchen counter. Whilst this has an in wall panel you’ll still wire it in the same way with the ceiling speakers connected to the wall panel via speaker cables.

This is the most common way of installing ceiling speakers and applies to 90% of the systems we sell here.

Ceiling Speaker & Amplifier Wiring Diagram

Pre Wiring Your Home For Ceiling Speakers

If you’re going to pre-wire your home prior to deciding on a ceiling speaker system then we’d recommend allowing for both options.

Install two core speaker cable from the ceiling speaker positions to the proposed amplifier position, but also allow for a single socket outlet above one of the ceiling speaker positions, and another two core speaker cable from the first speaker to the second speaker within that room.

This way you can either install a plug & play system such as the Lithe Audio OR you can install any traditional amplifier + ceiling speakers combination.

We often recommend this to new house builds and developers as it allows you to install a plug & play system initially but a future owner can easily replace it for a more advanced multiroom audio system if they so choose.

The only thing to bare in mind is that the Systemline E Series wire in a bespoke way, so if you are considering an E Series you should really make the decision and order the kit at first fix stage as you’ll need the pre-made power cable to run inside the walls before they are closed up.


For the majority of ceiling speaker systems you’ll be wiring as per the above.

With larger multiroom audio systems you will always wire them in the same way, however you might decide to mount all the amplifiers in a central location such as under the stairs or in an AV rack depending on the size of your project.

All in all, ceiling speakers are quite easy to install and wire for but don’t forget that our expert team is on hand to answer your questions and offer advice.

Simply email, live chat or call 02393 190955 to speak to our team.