Lithe Audio Bluetooth - How To Pair Bluetooth

Lithe Audio Bluetooth - How To Pair Bluetooth

Craig Walker |

Connecting your device to the Lithe Audio Bluetooth speaker works like any other Bluetooth speaker.

First of all make sure your speaker is powered on and in pairing mode. Pairing mode is known by the LED light colour. Blue flashing means its ready to be paired.

If its solid blue that could mean a device is already connected to the speaker.

If its red, there could be an issue and we would advise doing a factory reset

On your device that you want to connect to the Lithe Audio speaker open your Bluetooth settings. This is normally within the general settings of the device.

(Your device can be a phone, tablet, laptop, TV and many other devices)

Once you have your Bluetooth settings open, turn on your Bluetooth on the device and start searching for other avavilbile Bluetooth devices.

Within the list you should see the Lithe audio speaker you want to connect to.

If you have multiple Lithe speakers and you are renaming them, we would recommend turning off the others so you can set them up one at a time.

The speaker will show as "Lithe Audio BT2", simple click on that to connect.

Your phone will take a few moments to connect, however once successful it should show as connected within your settings.

Once your device is connected, anything / any app you play on your device will play through the speaker. This works with the most popular music apps such as Spoitify, Youtube, Dezza, Napster, Tunein Radio + Much more.