DAB & FM Aerials

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About DAB & FM Aerials

For ultimate enjoyment of your ceiling speaker system or radio we recommend that you install a roof or loft mounted aerial for your DAB or FM radio.

FM radio is relatively easy to pick up in most locations around the UK, however DAB doesn’t quite have the same coverage yet. 

We recommend that you check the free DAB coverage checker to see what your area's coverage is like before deciding against an aerial as once all the walls are boarded up it’ll be much harder, if not impossible, not to add a wired aerial.

Here you’ll find a select range of aerials, brackets and connection accessories including complete ready to install kits.

We recommend for the absolute best quality of your system that you have a full roof mounted aerial installed and set up by a professional. This will give you the best signal possible. However it is relatively straightforward to achieve a good signal DIY. 

We have aerials available with loft spikes and pole mounts for external mounting to your wall or roof.



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