KB Sound Mando Overview - In Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

KB Sound Mando Overview - In Wall Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

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This is a single gang in wall Bluetooth amplifier that comes with 2 ceiling speakers.

They are usually sold as systems either with 2.5” ceiling speakers or 5” ceiling speakers. However this system can only handle 2 speakers.

The small wall has built in Bluetooth so you can connect your phone or tablet. 

Once you have connected your smart device, any music that you play will play though the ceiling speakers.

This Mando wall panel is also amazon echo compatible, meaning you can Bluetooth from an alexa device to this system. To do that, make sure the Mando is in pairing mode by holding the button for 4 seconds,

when the light is flashing go to your alexa app, go to the device and click on Bluetooth. From their pair is up and it should connect. 

Once you have connected, when you ask Alexa to do stuff, the sound will come from the speakers. This is great as you can walk into your kitchen and just say Alexa, play radio 1, and the music will start playing

Remember that the Bluetooth receiver is built into the wall panel and Bluetooth only has a range of 8-10 meters. 

There is also a front facing aux port that allows you to plug any music player, tv or streamer into the system.

The front aux will take priority over the Bluetooth so as soon as you plug into it and the Mando detects a signal it will stop the Bluetooth from playing. 

Essentially, make sure you unplug the aux before you start playing Bluetooth.

The KB Sound Mando has been built with simplicity in mind, it only has one button on the system so it makes it the perfect system for hotels, guest rooms, Airbnb but also for your home. 

To connect to the Bluetooth simple press and hold the single button for 4 seconds, find and click on the device on your phone by looking for code at the end of the Bluetooth name. It should then connect and your done.

If you want a simple system that sounds good so you can play your music in kitchen then you should consider the Mando.

The main component fits a 50x50 euro module so you may have the ability to match it to your existing sockets.

Each unit is supplied with the standard colour matching fascia, however for a small extra you can get the premium look with either the chrome or brushed steel fascia’s which in my opinion look miles better.

On the rear of the unit are the terminals for installing the speakers and there is also the terminals for the power, remember that you’ll need to use the transformer.

There is also some toggles you can replace to change different settings, all you have to do is plug them out, and place back into the slots like the diagram shows to set that setting. 

The first being the stereo to mono toggle, this is handy if you are placing the speakers in different rooms.

The other setting is a volume limiter, this is great for again, hotels and other guest houses but also for kids bedrooms where you don't want their music too loud.

There are 3 settings to limit the volume, you may have to try them all to know which level you prefer.  

Overall this is a simple to use and easy to install ceiling speaker system that anyone should be able to use. It sounds great and would easily fill a small to medium sized room.