Airpulse A100 Unboxing and Overview

Airpulse A100 Unboxing and Overview

Craig Walker |


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Hi, Im Aiden from K&B Audio and today we are taking a look at the Airpulse A100

Until a couple of days ago I had not heard of Airpulse, I have, however, heard of Phil Jones

Phil Jones Founded Acoustic Energy and designed the famous AE-1 which was used in Abbey Road Studios among many others.

He designed the technical and aesthetics of these Airpulse A100 speakers.

Each cabinet is made from 18mm thick high-strength MDF with a piano lacquer finish. The interior is lined with a professional-grade sound absorption material to reduce unwanted coloration in your sound. 

The tweeters are Horn Loaded Ribbon tweeters which provide a crisp and airy audio, while the 5" Aluminum cone provides more bass with less distortion.

The Internal Wiring has been Made By TRANSPARENT, A well known cable brand Its Hi-res audio certified and has Built-in Dual Class D Amplifiers w/ subwoofer output.

Along with the speakers, Airpulse has provided this extremely polished accessory box. When you open the box the first thing you’ll see is a manual with a polish cloth and cloth gloves for handling.

The large brown cable is the speaker connection cable to link the 2 speakers together. The silver cable is the usb cable to play music directly from your computer.

Above that is the standard figure 8 power cable along with 2 hook and loop cable tidies. 

On the left you’ll get an optical cable, a jack to RCA and RCA to RCA cable.

Just above them is the small remote control.