Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Unboxing

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Unboxing

Craig Walker |


This is Lithe Audio’s Just Add Power Bluetooth Ceiling speaker.

This powerful speaker is great for background music or for the occasional party.

Easy to use and easy to connect this Bluetooth speaker is everything you’ll need to start your discrete audio system.

If you are looking for new ceiling speakers that have Bluetooth then this is a system you need to check out, either get one and play on its own in Mono or add a second passive speaker for a small cost, switch to stereo and here the amazing improvement.

This speaker has a great sound coverage, great clarity and just the right amount of bass.

With the 6.5″ (Six and a half inch) Kevlar Woofer cone and the 1″ (One Inch) direction tweeter, your friends will be jealous of your superior system.

To get started simple plug the power cable into the mains and into the speaker, once on you’ll need to search for new Bluetooth devices on your device, you should either see “Lithe Audio BT” or the custom coded name you requested.

Once you have clicked on the speaker it should start to pair, once paired you can start playing music from the likes of Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, TuneIn Radio and much more.