Lithe Audio Bluetooth vs Lithe Audio WiFi – What’s The Difference?

Lithe Audio Bluetooth vs Lithe Audio WiFi – What’s The Difference?

Craig Walker |

You’ll have probably noticed the distinctive yellow kevlar coned Lithe Audio speakers on your travels through our websites, and if you delve a little deeper you’ll see there are two versions;

  1. Bluetooth
  2. WiFi

So what’s the difference?


Lithe Audio Bluetooth

The original Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker lets you connect your smart phone or tablet directly to the ceiling speaker and stream your favourite music from any app that your device can play.

It’s easy to install, cost effective and uses technology that’s built into the vast majority of smart phones, tablets and computers.

You’ll also find it really easy to use with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Bluetooth works best when you’re doing a standalone room, you can’t sync multiple rooms together with Bluetooth so if you’re just adding music to your kitchen then Bluetooth makes sense. Likewise if you’re doing a standalone bathroom, or if you’ll never sync your bathroom music to your kitchen music…. then the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers makes for an ideal solution.

  • Cost Effective
  • High Quality Sound
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Install
  • Universal – No App Needed 
  • Music Pauses When Phone Rings
  • Single Room Only – No Multiroom Sync
  • 8-10m Bluetooth Range Before Music Drops Out
  • Lower Sound Quality Than WiFi


Lithe Audio WiFi

The WiFi multiroom speaker was brought to the market in late 2018 after extensive development to ensure it’s quality and reliability.

It’s designed to be a real Sonos killer, fully featured, high quality sound yet with the ease of use and installation that Lithe Audio are known for.

Personally I really love the Lithe Audio WiFi speaker, and I’ve got extensive knowledge of Sonos & Denon HEOS.

I just find it really easy to use, it sounds great, it’s very easy to install – especially if you’re retrofitting into an existing property or new-build home.

Whilst it costs a bit more than the Bluetooth version it’s still cost-effective and considerably cheaper to buy and install than alternatives.

  • Easy To Use, Reliable App Lets You Stream Music & Internet Radio
  • Spotify Connect
  • High Quality Sound
  • Amplifier Is Slightly More Powerful Than Bluetooth
  • Group Multiple Rooms Together In Perfect Sync – Ideal For Open Plan Areas, Parties etc!
  • Apple AirPlay & DLNA Streaming (AirPlay 2 is coming as well…)
  • No Amazon Alexa or Google Home At Present (But it is coming…)
  • WiFi Only – No Ethernet Connection So You Need Good WiFi
  • No Bluetooth – Unable To Stream YouTube & Friends Will Need To Download App & Connect To WiFi
  • No Freestanding Speakers or Streamer To Make Any Speakers WiFi
  • No Wireless Subwoofer (but one is coming…)



Both versions are amazing speakers and both offer great value for money.

If you’re just doing one room, or only want to use rooms individually then the Bluetooth is a good choice.

If you have a larger open plan area, or want to sync multiple rooms together then WiFi is the way forward.

For people who want the best sound quality possible then go WiFi.