KB Sound Range Update – What You Need To Know

KB Sound Range Update – What You Need To Know

Craig Walker |

KB Sound have been in the installed home audio market for a long, long time and their products are very well known and highly regarded.

So when we heard that half the range was being made obsolete we were a bit surprised.

But it’s actually a very positive move for you if you’re considering buying a KB Sound ceiling speaker system! The original ceiling radio has just got a whole lot better!

Here’s why…


KB Sound Select Star

KB Sound iSelect > KB Sound Select Star

Most notably the flagship iSelect range is no more, previously you bought an FM or FM/DAB speaker system in either 2.5″ or 5″ ceiling speakers and it came with a remote control.

If you wanted to stream music via Bluetooth you needed to buy the Bluetooth module.

This left you with a lot of choices, 2.5″, 5″, FM, DAB, with Bluetooth, without Bluetooth…

Over the past few years it has become pretty clear that Bluetooth streaming is the way forward, people seem to be moving away from remote controls and over to apps and streaming.

Welcome the new KB Sound Select Star!

Now you’ll find the Select Star with built in Bluetooth as default, this time the remote control is the optional extra!

You can either use the free Select Star app to control the radio and other settings or you can buy the optional remote control which’ll make it work just like the older iSelect.

We think this is an excellent move!

You get more advanced, better features and if you’re not worried about a remote control then it works out cheaper too!

Here’s some of the most notable features:

  • FM and or DAB Radio (depending on choice)
  • 2.5″ or 5″ Ceiling Speakers (depending on choice)
  • Bluetooth Built-In
  • Free KB Sound Star app – turn the system on/off, adjust settings, bluetooth name, stream music from your smart phone and turn on/off a sub-zone.
  • Sub-zone – ideal for kitchen / dining room or bedroom / en-suite set ups (requires slave amplifier)


KB Sound Mando

KB Sound Premium > KB Sound Mando

The KB Sound Premium is another original in-wall system.

It featured an FM or DAB radio tuner and an aux input for local devices.

Whilst it was a great system, technology moves on and as more and more people stream via Bluetooth the Premium was finding itself out-featured.

So please welcome the KB Sound Mando Bluetooth & Mando DAB!

With these two options you can have either a cost-effective in wall Bluetooth receiver, a stylish and easy to use in wall DAB/FM radio tuner, or a combination of both!

We think the Mando is a good solution for background music, it’s ideal for bedrooms, smaller kitchens, study and even commercial applications like hotel rooms, garden rooms etc.