5 Home Extension Ideas To Enhance Your Lifestyle

5 Home Extension Ideas To Enhance Your Lifestyle

Craig Walker |

If you are building a home extension then now is the time to think about how you can improve your lifestyle with technology & entertainment.

Here's our top 10 home extension ideas for making your life easier and more comfortable with cost-effective technology!


Speakers For Home Extension Ideas 1. Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Music & audio is a big part of all of our lives, whether we enjoy music, radio, podcasts or audio books they all need a speaker to play from.

A home or kitchen extension is the perfect time to consider adding Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers to your home.

You'll be able to simply connect your smart phone or tablet and stream a world of music with room-filling sound quality.

The Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are super-popular as they are very well priced, easy to use, easy to install and sound great.

Considering the low cost of them we think adding high quality sound to your kitchen and living spaces is a no-brainer, whatever music you're into.

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Televisions For Home Extension Ideas

2.  Televisions

Another large part of a lot of our lives is televisions, whether it's in the living room, bedroom or kitchen if you are looking for home extension ideas then you should definitely give a bit of thought to your entertainment.

Most Smart TV's now feature WiFi, however if you're doing a home extension then now is the perfect time to add data cables from your home router to your televisions to ensure a fast and problem-free internet connection.

TV's are also useful in kitchens as we tend to congregate and spend more of our lives in the kitchen, you can stream YouTube cooking videos whilst making dinner, play music channels when friends are round and also be sure not to miss the big match when you go for snacks!

A great idea for subtle televisions in kitchens is to look at installing a waterproof TV in the splash backs. Very discreet, very high end looking but with a reasonable cost.

You can also connect kitchen televisions to Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker systems and there are plenty of surround sound options for living room television.

So give a bit of thought to where you'll be watching TV and ensure you allow for the right cabling to make it a hassle free experience.


Quooker Boiling Water Tap For Home Extension Ideas

3. Boiling Water Tap

There are loads of kitchen gadgets available for your home extension but if you like a good cuppa then we'd recommend you take a look at a boiling water tap for instant on-demand boiling water.

Top of the range boiling water taps such as the ones from Quooker take the place of your normal kitchen taps and provide hot, cold and boiling water.

The built in safety features ensure that you never supply boiling water accidentally.

Boiling water taps are a great idea as you can make hot drinks easier, use boiling water when washing pots & pans & so on. 

Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Kitchen Extension Ideas 4. Smart Fridge

The kitchen is the heart of the home so if you're looking for kitchen extension ideas then be sure to consider adding a smart fridge.

You'll be able to leave notes, plan your weekly shopping, interact with your family, listen to music and even watch TV, YouTube & access the internet!

Pretty amazing really considering the fridge isn't the first place you think of surfing the web on.

As our lives and more and more "connected" it makes sense to utilise large static objects that already take position in our homes.

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USB Socket Outlets For Home Extension Ideas 5. USB Sockets & Wireless Charging

USB sockets are becoming more and more common as the amount of USB devices we each have in our homes increases.

Now more than ever there's no excuse to not put in some USB sockets, especially in kitchen extensions, living room extensions and bedroom extensions.

USB sockets are available in many different styles and colours and really will make your life easier.