KB Sound Star/In Wall Slave Zone with 6.5" Stereo Ceiling Speaker

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Model: 13204-C6S
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Expand your KB Sound Select Star speaker system to the garden and control it from the app!

Both areas can play the same music in perfect sync.

Perfect for those summer nights when you want to extend your living space into the garden!

Simply play the music through your KB Sound Select Star app then tap the Slave Zone button to turn the outdoor speakers on or off!


  • 5W + 5W (8 ohm)
  • Connect Up To 4 Amplifiers To One Select BT (all amplifiers will be turned on/off with the single zone switch)
  • Set zones to mono / stereo
  • Limit the volume in certain zones.

What You Get

1 x KB Sound 13204 Select Star Slave Amplifier

1 x Adastra C6S 6.5" Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker

10m x 2 Core Speaker Cable

10m x 4 Core Link Cable


This slave zone must be used with the Select Star master module. (available in 2.5" & 5")

The master module contains the bluetooth receiver, the slave amplifiers do not extend the signal so your playback device must be within range of the master module.


2 Years

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