Edifier R1280DB Studio Monitors 42W Active Bookshelf Speakers with Dual RCA Inputs & Bluetooth - Wood

Model: R1280DB
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Colour - Wood
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The amazingly popular Edifier R1280DB is the plug & play HiFi speaker system that you've been looking for.

Whether you want to enjoy music streamed from your smartphone via Bluetooth, revive your vinyl record collection by connecting a turntable or enhancing your TV sound, the R1280DB has all the inputs you need to get up and running.

With a powerful 42W built in amplifier, Bluetooth receiver and digital to analog converter this is a complete HiFi in a box. Just add music. 


  • PLUG & PLAY: The R1280DB is a complete plug & play HiFi system, no need for a separate amplifier. Just plug the master speaker in, connect the passive speaker with the included cable and you're up and running.

  • WIRELESS STREAMING: Stream your favourite music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Once connected via Bluetooth anything your device plays will come through the speakers.

  • OPTICAL INPUT: Connect your TV for upgraded sound, great for movies and gaming!

  • AUX INPUT: You get dual RCA line inputs allowing you to easily connect between audio sources without touching any cables! You can connect a turntable, CD player, radio tuner and anything else you may have.

  • POWERFUL: Boasting a powerful 42W per class D digital amplifier powering  4" drivers and 0.5" silk dome tweeter for high frequencies. These speakers have HiFi sound quality and enough power for HiFi music, TV and movies as well as gaming.

  • EASY CONTROLS: From the side mounted dials you can adjust the volume, bass and treble. A simple tap of the volume control also switches between the input sources.

  • WIRELESS REMOTE: You also get a handy wireless remote control that lets you adjust the volume, input source, play pause and skip tracks.

All New Style

A newly refined look you love with a twist. Black wood keeps the classic look with a fresh twist on the style of modern technology. Innovation and style are important elements that accompany the feel of the R1280DB Bluetooth bookshelf speakers.

Hi-tech quality and style drive the overall experience of this powerful black bookshelf speaker. Upon first glance the black wood finish gives any reviewer the impression of a sleek and stealthy Bluetooth speaker ready to deliver powerful performance.

On-Board Controls

Adjust the EQ using the on-board controls located on the active/powered Bluetooth speaker. Treble, bass, and volume knobs located on the side panel.

The clear accessibility to on-board controls and modern functionality heighten the amiability of the R1280BD powered Bluetooth speakers.

Clear and concise controls compliment the manual providing uninterrupted playtime.

Fully Featured Inputs

Achieve HD audio with the help of the optical and coaxial inputs which are additions to the R1280DB Bluetooth speakers.

We have kept the two RCA connections for both RCA and AUX connection.

Also, wirelessly connect to your phone or laptop with Bluetooth.

Edifier Bluetooth bookshelf speaker specs provide for the quintessential modern experience.

Comprehension and control, all at your fingertips.

Wireless Remote

Easily switch between inputs, adjust volume and power with the use of the remote.

The features of our black remote add that extra layer of modern delight. Comfort and convenience is what the R1280DB seeks to provide with inclusion of the remote.

Control at your fingertips yet again, with the R1280DB Bluetooth powered bookshelf speakers.



  • 1 x R1280DB Active Speaker
  • 1 x R1280DB Passive Speaker
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Speaker Connection Cable (2.5m)
  • 1 x RCA - RCA Audio Cable (1.75)
  • 1 x 3.5mm - RCA Audio Cable (1.7m)
  • 1 x Fibre Optic Audio Cable (1.5m)
  • 1 x User Manual


2 Years
  • Total power output: RMS 21W x 2
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA
  • Input sensitivity: LINE IN1: R/L:450±50mV | LINE IN2: R/L:550±50mV | OPT/COA: 500±50FFS | Bluetooth: R/L:700±50mFFS
  • Distortion: ≤0.05%
  • Audio input: Dual RCA input (RCA - RCA and RCA to AUX)
  • Adjustment: Volume, bass and treble adjustment, remote control
  • Subwoofer / bass unit: 4 inch (116mm) Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
  • Tweeter unit: Φ13mm silk domed tweeter, Magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Weight: 4.9Kg Net | 5.65Kg Gross
  • Dimension: 146mm x 234mm x 196mm (WxHxD)

Q. Can I Connect A Turntable To The Edifier R1280DB?

A. Yes, these are very popular turntable speakers. Provided your turntable has an phono EQ / amplifier with an RCA audio output you can simply plug it into the line input of these speakers using an RCA audio cable. These are commonly used with the Audio Technica LP60X and the Teac TN-180BT.


Q. Can I Connect These Speakers To A Bluetooth Turntable?

A. Yes you can, these are commonly paired with Bluetooth turntables allowing you to place the speakers in a different position to the record player.


Q. Can I Connect The Speakers To Amazon Echo / Google Home?

A. Yes, you can either plug an echo / google home device into the line input via cable, or you can wirelessly connect them using Bluetooth. Anything that your smart speaker plays will come through the speakers in much greater quality.


Q. How Far Apart Can The Speakers Be?

A. The speakers come with a 2.5m speaker connection cable to connect the passive speaker into the master speaker. This is a 2 core speaker cable and you can use a longer 2 core speaker cable to have them further apart if required.


Q. Does It Matter Which Side The Active Speaker Goes (Left or Right)

A. Yes, the active speaker with the built in amplifier should be on the right hand side with the passive speaker on your left hand side to get true stereo sound.


Q. Can I Wall Mount The R1280DB Speakers?

A. Yes you can use a suitable bookshelf speaker wall mount such as the official Edifier SS05 Speaker Wall Brackets


Q. Can I Add More Speakers?

A. No, this is a stereo speaker system comprising of one master active speaker and one passive slave speaker. You can't add any further passive speakers.


Q. Can I Add A Subwoofer To These Speakers?

A. No, there is no subwoofer output. You can however with the upgraded Edifier R1280DBs which does feature a subwoofer output.


Q. Can The Speaker Grilles Be Removed?

A. Yes, you can remove the grilles if you wish. They simply pull off.

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