Six Places You Can Enjoy Music In Your Garden

Six Places You Can Enjoy Music In Your Garden

Craig Walker |

Spring is definitely here and everyone’s getting out into their gardens. But the outdoors aren’t just for digging or sitting in anymore and there’s plenty of opportunity to bring audio outdoors.

With uncertainty over the future and the cost of moving house, it’s no wonder the latest trend is for “improving, not moving”. Homeowners are converting lofts and adding conservatories, but we’re also making more of our gardens, building useful spaces to extend our lives outside.

I’ve been blogging about outdoor speakers for your garden, but if you’re thinking about building or renovating a garden room, why not add an in-built home system so you can enjoy can quality music and radio wherever you are?


The Best Speakers For A Garden Room


So long as they are fitted in weatherproof structures, you can use any in-wall or in-ceiling speaker system on the market, and there are lots of options. Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth, all streamed from your own smartphone - it’s up to you. Though don’t forget you’ll still need a safe, protected power source to your room.

Our best-selling Systemline E50 in-built Bluetooth music system with 6.5-inch ceiling speakers, or our Lithe Audio 6.5-inch ceiling speakers allow you to stream your music via Bluetooth wherever you are. So here are some ideas for enjoying your music in the garden.


1. Music While You Work


A study last year found that more than 1.5 million people are avoiding the daily commute and now work from home, and that trend is only going to grow. But working at the kitchen table when the kids have broken up, or sharing a spare room with the laundry, isn’t great for getting the work done so offices are popping up in the garden. They may look like a shed but they can be fitted with the latest office equipment and communications, so why not include a built-in audio system too?


2. Motivational Music For Your Workout


Garden gyms are ideal spaces for built-in audio systems so you can work out or pound the treadmill to the right motivational soundtrack without having to fiddle around with an iPod strapped to your arm. And how relaxing to stretch off after a workout with some warm-down music!

Your gym will be more solidly built and spacious than a garden shed, and you’ll probably already have a power supply for lighting, ventilation, so it’s ideal for some in-ceiling sound as well.

3. Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon


Whether you’re a fan of the Kinks’ famous summer song or something more modern, don’t forget the classic summer house or garden room where you can retreat from the busy world and relax with a drink, a good book and some soothing music.

4. Create An Atmosphere In Your Own Backyard Bar


From sophisticated cocktail bars to your favourite local, DIY garden bars are a simple and easy addition to the garden, but whether you see yourself sipping a pina colada or playing skittles in your own traditional pub, there’s nothing like having music on tap to create an atmosphere.

5. Man-Cave Or She-Shed, Aspire For Your Own Space For You Music


Mindfulness is all the fashion these days and where better to lose yourself for a few hours than in your own space, surrounded by your favourite things. You can relax and listen to the Archers or the sport on streamed radio or play your favourite tracks without the kids pulling faces.

6. In The Hot Tub


Hot tubs are fantastic, but in our climate, people are opting to put them inside a specially built garden room for some shelter. Wall-mounted speakers keep wiring and speaker boxes away from water and a waterproof remote control lets you listen to music streamed from your smart phone or tablet without the risk of getting them splashed.


Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information or advice about how you can enjoy audio in your garden.