Wake Up To Your Favourite Music - Bedroom Music Systems

Wake Up To Your Favourite Music - Bedroom Music Systems

Craig Walker |

Our customers expect to listen to their music when and where they want it. Having your favourite music or radio follow you through the house isn’t an out-of-reach luxury any more.

Home owners planning a renovation and anyone designing their new build are now thinking about in-built audio systems for the kitchen or living room. But why stop there when the room they spend most time resting and relaxing in is the bedroom?

Not only can you use your favourite music to set the right mood, but wouldn’t Sunday mornings be that bit more luxurious with the radio or TV at your fingertips.

You can also buy audio systems that combine alarm clocks and sleep timers with high quality sound, so you can wake up to your favourite music while doing away with that box and all its wires occupying your bedside table. And you aren’t tied to siting your bed next to electrical sockets.


Audio For Your En Suite Bathroom

And don’t forget your en suite bathroom; you can install a dual-room audio system so that you don’t have to stop listening to the news when you get up for your shower or you’re brushing your teeth.

Some of our systems, such as the Systemline E100 Bluetooth and FM radio, also let you connect your television into the speaker system, so you can still listen to the TV too while you’re in the bathroom.

Our products come in a two-room bundle for the purpose of linking your bedroom and en-suite.

It also includes:

  • A pair of Q Install QI65CB Ceiling Speakers
  • One Q Install QI65C-ST Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker
  • Speaker Cable
  • Power Supply


Control At Your Fingertips

You won't spend all your time in the en suite, so you don't really want the music to be playing in there all the time. That's why our systems can include speaker selector switches to allow you to choose which room the music is playing in.

You'll be able to switch your system on and off in either room separately or listen to both at the same time!

The Systemline E100 in-wall Radio System comes with a stylish in-wall control panel you can put wherever is convenient for your bed, and it’s just as easy to install as the in-built speakers.


Add Luxury To Your Bedroom With An Audio System

So, if you are planning a new-build or you’re renovating upstairs, don’t forget to use the opportunity to add a bit of luxury to your bedroom and en suite with an in-built sound system.

You can find out more about the Systemline E100 audio system here, or give us a call on 02392 006118 and we can talk through your options.