Top 5 Amazon Echo Compatible Ceiling Speakers For 2018

Top 5 Amazon Echo Compatible Ceiling Speakers For 2018

Craig Walker |

By now you've probably seen the Amazon Echo and now know that it can do everything from turning your lights on and off to playing your favourite tracks.

But you also like your music and don't like the idea of trying to enjoy your music on the small built in speaker.

Luckily the Amazon Echo Dot works AMAZINGLY well with some of our bluetooth ceiling speakers.

Here's your top 5 choices for 2018.


1. Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers 

The Lithe Audio tops a lot of our top charts, it's hard not to when it sounds great, has amazing features and it's so well priced.

Another point where the Lithe Audio wins is just how well it works with Amazon Echo DOT.

Simply select the option when buying and your Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker will be shipped PIN free, allowing it to connect wirelessly to your Echo Dot.

The speaker is always ready to go, so at any time you can walk into the room, summon Alexa and you'll be enjoying your music!

Nothing to turn on, no settings or buttons to press.

Just ask, and Alexa plays.

From £246

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2. Keene Bluetooth Express Ceiling Speaker System

The Bluetooth Express deserves a lot of applaud with it's great sound quality and installation flexibility.

From standard it's fully Echo compatible.

Just pair it via Bluetooth and it works very much in the same way as the Lithe Audio, always ready to play your music.

Don't worry about the basic look of the panel, you don't need to see that! It fits nicely above the ceiling or in a kitchen cupboard out of sight....

One major selling point of the Bluetooth Express system is the fact you can add whatever speakers you want!

And up to two pairs at that!

Ceiling, in wall, bookshelf, garden... you choose.

So for larger rooms or split rooms like your Kitchen & dining room it's the go-to solution.

From £119.99

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3. Systemline E50

The Systemline E50 was updated in 2017 by popular demand to become fully Amazon Echo compatible.

Now you get the sexy gloss black keypad with the amazing gesture controls as well as the ability to connect it to the Echo Dot!

You'll need to say "Alexa, connect to speaker" to wake it up, but that's no hassle, you'll find the looks and sound quality well worth it.

For larger rooms you also get the ability to add two pairs of speakers.

From £249

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4. Tangent Ampster BT

If you want POWER and sound quality, with the ability to connect any speakers you choose, then take a look at our Tangent Ampster BT packages.

It's a real Hi-Fi quality Bluetooth amplifier that's completely Amazon Echo compatible.

You'll also get some extra input features such as line in and a digital optical.

Now, there is a small price to pay on the Amazon Echo side - the amplifier takes approximately 4 seconds to wake up when you talk to Alexa.

You'll also need to leave it set to Bluetooth mode if you want voice only activation.

However, in practice, it's really not an issue and the high fidelity sound quality is well worth those 4 seconds....

From £169.99

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5. MIER Contralto Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

Want better sound for your Amazon Echo but don't want to cut holes in your ceiling?

Well how about cutting holes in your kitchen plinth instead!

The Contralto soundbar is easy to fit discreetly into most kitchens and it sounds GREAT.

You can also connect it wirelessly with your Echo Dot for room filling voice controlled sound.

Like some other systems on the market you will need to press the on button via the remote before you can chat to it. Not really a major issue though!


You'll Need An Amazon Echo Dot Too

Hopefully we've given you some food for thought!

It is now easier than ever to get high quality, built in sound with voice activation from an Amazon Echo.

Don't forget that all of the systems above will need an Amazon Echo Dot to connect to.

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