One Speaker Or Two? Options For Smaller Rooms

One Speaker Or Two? Options For Smaller Rooms

Craig Walker |

We're not all lucky enough to have huge rooms. So finding space for two x 220mm wide speakers on your ceiling can sometimes be a bit tricky. Not to mention over-kill!

If you have a smaller bathroom, kitchen or even a bedroom then here are your options.


1. Stereo In Ceiling Speaker

This is the most common solution for smaller rooms. A single stereo ceiling speaker. This is a single 6.5" ceiling speaker that plays both left and right channels from your amplifier. They are generally 220mm in diameter but only require one hole to be cut.

These are perfect for most small room applications, they are easy to fit and sound great.


2. Smaller Stereo Speakers

Some of our systems feature much smaller speakers, such as the KB Sound range which is available with 2.5" ceiling speakers. These are about the size of a downlight and can easily be worked into most ceilings, even in small rooms.

The sound quality isn't as good as the above mentioned single stereo, but they are still very good for the intended use. They are also very discreet!


3. Mono Speakers

If you're looking at a small room speaker system then we would also highly recommend the Lithe Audio bluetooth ceiling speakers. They are available in just one 6.5" speaker and allow a direct bluetooth connection. An IP44 rated version is available for bathrooms as well! These play in mono, so it combines left and right channels and plays through one speaker.

Don't be put off mono for ceiling speaker applications, especially small rooms. You'll hardly notice the difference with a Lithe Audio. They sound extremely good and are easy to use and install.

As always, if you're unsure of how many speakers you require. Or which type of speaker that you require then please feel free to contact us for some free advice.