Amazon Echo Compatible Ceiling Speakers: What To Look Out For?

Amazon Echo Compatible Ceiling Speakers: What To Look Out For?

Craig Walker |

The Amazon Echo has been one of the greatest and most popular electronic devices to hit the market in years.

It’s worked its way into millions of homes around the world and lets you do anything from ordering groceries to turning your lights on and off.

The Echo may have built in speakers, but let’s face it they aren’t that great for bigger areas and they aren’t very discreet either. So what better pairing for your Amazon Echo than a compatible ceiling speaker?!


How Do I Get Amazon Echo Ceiling Speakers?

The easiest, most cost effective and best way to transform the quality of your Amazon Echo from the tinny built-in speakers to room-filling high quality ceiling speakers is with a pair of Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

We have quite a few different ceiling speaker systems that work well with Amazon Echo however the easiest and most popular is the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers.

Simply install the Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speakers into your ceiling, connect to a permanent power supply and pair up your Amazon Echo device via Bluetooth!

Once paired your Amazon Echo will remain connected and ready to play music, no need to keep reconnecting or turning anything on.

Just walk into your room, ask Alexa and your ceiling bluetooth ceiling speakers will spring into life.

Look out for the “Works With Alexa” icon throughout the K&B Audio shop for compatible systems.


Amazon Echo Multiroom

Another great feature of the Amazon Echo is it’s built in multiroom audio feature.

You can easily create groups of Amazon Echo device and play music in perfect sync across multiple areas – all by asking Alexa.

The only requirement for this is that the Echo Dot must be physically plugged into the amplifier via an audio cable.

Once connected up you can easily create a fully-featured voice-controlled multiroom audio system at an unbeatable price.


Other Systems 

Quite a few of our systems are now Amazon Echo compatible, mostly via Bluetooth. You can also control Sonos and Denon HEOS via an Alexa Skill that controls it via WiFi.

If you need any further help or advice on Echo home audio then please give one of our audio advisors a call on 02393 190955 or drop us an email.