How To Replace The Audio-Technica ATN3600L Stylus

How To Replace The Audio-Technica ATN3600L Stylus

Craig Walker |

IN THIS ARTICLE: We'll cover how to replace the stylus on the Audio-Technica ATN3600L…

  1. Remove Existing Stylus
  2. Install New Stylus
  3. Test The New Stylus

… complete step by step guide with pictures.

The Audio-Technica ATN3600L stylus is a critical component of your turntable, it’s responsible for the accurate reproduction of sound from your vinyl records.

The stylus is a consumable part and does require replacing every 4-500 hours of playback.

If you’re experiencing any sound or playback issues it may also be necessary to replace the stylus, they are very easy to damage if not used correctly.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of replacing the stylus to ensure your record player continues to deliver high-quality sound.


How To Replace The ATN3600L Stylus

Don’t worry, replacing the stylus is quick and easy in just two steps.

Step 1: Remove The Existing Stylus

Remove the existing stylus by gently pulling down from the front of the stylus.

The back part (nearest the tonearm) of the stylus has a clip which fits into the tonearm so don’t try to pull it directly down, pull the front and let the stylus swing down in an arc, you can then pull it out from the slot.

Remove The Old ATN3600L Stylus


Step 2: Install The New Stylus

The replacement stylus simply clicks in with the same method.

However note that there is a small tab on the stylus body.

This tab needs to be placed into the slot on the underside of the tonearm then swing the front end of the stylus back into place.

Install The New ATN3600L Stylus

Once installed there should be no gap between the stylus and the tonearm. Correctly Installed ATN3600L Stylus

Step 3: Test The New Stylus

Now that the old stylus has been removed and the new one clicked into place you are ready to enjoy your music again.

Double check that the stylus is fitting flush and is not loose then place your favourite record on the platter and get back to enjoying your music!

PRO TIP: Whilst this guide is specifically for the Audio-Technica ATN3600L you'll find that most stylus are replaced in the same way.


As you can see, replacing an Audio-Technica stylus is a quick and easy task.

We recommend holding a spare stylus in your cleaning kit so you can get back to enjoying records quickly should you have any issues with your present one.

Audio-Technica state a lifespan of around 500 hours for the ATN3600L provided it is maintained and cleaned regularly.