10 Must Have Rap Albums To Own On Vinyl Record

10 Must Have Rap Albums To Own On Vinyl Record

Craig Walker |

Vinyl records have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, and the world of rap is no exception.

Collecting vinyl is not just about the music; it's a celebration of the artist's craft and a nod to the timeless medium of analog sound.

If you're a rap enthusiast or a vinyl collector looking to expand your collection, we've curated a list of the top 10 must-have rap albums, including a gem from the legendary Eminem.

These albums not only showcase the evolution of the genre but also deliver an immersive listening experience that only vinyl can provide.

The Top 10 Rap Records

NAS Illmatic Vinyl Record Cover Art

1. "Illmatic" by Nas

Often hailed as one of the greatest rap albums of all time, Nas's "Illmatic" is a lyrical masterpiece.

Released in 1994, this album is a snapshot of New York's gritty streets, featuring profound storytelling and poetic rhymes.

The raw authenticity of Nas's debut makes it an essential addition to any rap vinyl collection.

DR DRE The Chronic Vinyl Album Art

2. "The Chronic" by Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" revolutionized West Coast rap and laid the foundation for G-funk.

With its smooth beats and memorable collaborations, this album is a classic.

Owning it on vinyl allows you to experience the full richness of Dre's production and witness the birth of an era-defining sound.

Enter The Wu Tang 36 Chambers Vinyl Record Album Art

3. "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" by Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan's debut album is a cornerstone of hardcore rap.

Each member brings a unique style to the table, creating a raw and energetic collection of tracks.

The distinctive album cover alone is worth the vinyl investment, but it's the gritty and inventive rap that truly makes it a must-have.

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Vinyl Record Album Art

4. "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" by Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill's solo debut seamlessly blends R&B, soul, and rap, earning critical acclaim and multiple Grammy Awards.

The vinyl version captures the warmth of Hill's voice and the soulful production, making it an essential addition to any vinyl collection, not just rap enthusiasts.

50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Vinyl Record Album Art

5. "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" by 50 Cent

50 Cent's debut album is a game-changer in the rap world.

Packed with anthems like "In Da Club," the vinyl edition of "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" lets you experience the intensity and energy of 50 Cent's breakthrough in its purest form.

Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly Vinyl Record Album Art

6. "To Pimp a Butterfly" by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp a Butterfly" is a modern masterpiece that tackles complex social issues.

The jazz-infused production and thought-provoking lyrics are enhanced on vinyl, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the artistry and depth of contemporary rap.

Jay Z The Blueprint Vinyl Record Album Art

7. "The Blueprint" by Jay-Z

Jay-Z's "The Blueprint" is a rap classic that showcases his lyrical prowess and impeccable production.

The vinyl version elevates the listening experience, allowing you to appreciate the nuances of each track. It's a cornerstone album for any rap vinyl collector.

N.W.A Straight Outta Compton Vinyl Record Album Art

8. "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A

N.W.A's "Straight Outta Compton" is a seminal work that brought gangsta rap to the mainstream.

The vinyl edition preserves the raw intensity of tracks like "F*** tha Police" and "Straight Outta Compton," making it an essential addition to any rap vinyl collection.

Ready To Die The Notorious B.I.G Vinyl Record Album Art

9. "Ready to Die" by The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G.'s debut album is a classic of East Coast hip-hop. "Ready to Die" on vinyl allows you to immerse yourself in Biggie's storytelling and distinctive flow.

The gritty realism of tracks like "Juicy" and "Big Poppa" shines on this format.

Eminem The Marshall Mathers L.P Vinyl Record Album Art

10. "The Marshall Mathers LP" by Eminem

Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP" is a landmark in rap history and one of my personal favourite albums.

With its provocative lyrics and masterful storytelling, Eminem solidified his status as a rap icon.

Owning this album on vinyl is like having a piece of rap history in your hands, capturing the intensity and emotion of Eminem's groundbreaking work.


Building a rap vinyl collection is not just about amassing records; it's about curating a sonic journey through the evolution of the genre.

Each album on this list offers a unique perspective on rap, and owning them on vinyl enhances the experience, allowing you to connect with the artist's vision on a deeper level.

So fire up your record player and start your rap record collection!

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, these 10 must-have rap albums are essential additions to your vinyl library. Happy listening!