Bathroom Zone Regulations For Ceiling Speakers

Understand The Bathroom Zone Regulations For Ceiling Speakers

Craig Walker |

We often get asked what you can and can not put in your bathrooms, we have categorised our site so that all bathroom related products are under one menu structure, so non-compatible systems generally won't show up if you're looking at bathroom speakers.

However there are still some rules and regulations to understand and follow.

Where Can I Put A Ceiling Speaker In The Bathroom?

You can put a passive ceiling speaker anywhere in the bathroom ceiling, most of the ceiling speakers we sell are moisture resistant or where stated, weatherproof/waterproof.

Bear in mind though that "moisture proof" and "in the shower" are two different scenarios, a moisture proof speaker isn't waterproof and should not be installed directly in an enclosed shower cubicle. 

What About Powered Ceiling Speakers?
We have a range of IP44 rated bathroom speakers with built in amplifiers (active bluetooth ceiling speakers) which are suitable for most bathroom applications. IP44 by definition means it is suitable for zone 2, however we and the manufacturers do recommend that you install the speaker outside of the zones, this means not directly over a bath or shower cubicle, at least 600mm away from the bath puts you outside of any zones.

This is achievable in most bathrooms.

I Need The Speaker In The Shower Cubicle/Over Bath What Do I Do?

If you want to put the speaker in a shower cubicle or directly over the bath then we recommend using a remotely mounted amplifier connected to a water resistant or marine grade ceiling speaker. We have some packages for these purposes.

The remotely mounted amplifier means it is safely in the loft/cupboard/next room away from the bathroom zones, the passive ceiling speakers are less prone to electrical regulations. (however we still recommend following them still!).

If your speaker is going to be directly in or over a shower cubicle, wet room or sauna then you will need to use a marine grade speaker otherwise a standard speaker will have its life dramatically reduced.  

Free Advice & Product Specification

If in doubt about which product is best for you please feel free to email or call us and we'll be happy to recommend the best solution for your bathroom.


Passive = requires a separate amplifier, does not have 230v power to it.

Active = includes a built in amplifier, therefore requires electricity and will need to comply with bathroom zones.

IP Rating = Ingress Protection Rating, a requirement for electrical items in bathrooms or external locations.

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