Bathroom Speakers Buying Guide

Bathroom Speakers Buying Guide

Craig Walker |

We've been selling, specifying and installing bathroom radio systems for years now and have compiled our experiences into this handy bathroom speakers buying guide.

Many homeowners don't realise how easy and cost effective it is to have an installed bathroom radio system in your home.


Benefits Of A Bathroom Radio System


Lets start with the why? I think it's safe to say that most people love to listen to music of some genre or another. Whether it's RnB, pop, classical or dance music we stand united in our love for music. A popular place to listen to music is in the bathroom, what better way to enjoy a relaxing bath than whilst listening to your tunes?

The problem with bathrooms is they are wet, and if your chosen form of music is from your smart phone it may not be too safe around the bath!

An installed bathroom radio will give you room filling sound with ease of use and smart phone safety! An in ceiling radio or a bathroom mirror radio can play your favourite radio station at the press of a button. Always there, always ready to play with no batteries to run out!


What Types Of Bathroom Radio Are There?


There are various types of bathroom radio system including:


In Ceiling Radios - usually controlled via a handheld remote control.

In Wall Radios - easy to use in wall keypad to turn your music on and off, these are generally for bigger bathrooms as you need to be wary of electrical zones.

Mirror Radios - multi purpose, mirror radios usually feature a built in DAB/FM Radio, lights, demister and Bluetooth music streaming.


What Types Of Bathroom Speakers Are There?


Bathroom radio systems are usually installed with in ceiling speakers due to the nature of the area.

As bathrooms are often smaller than kitchens we recommend using smaller speakers such as the KB Sound 2.5" or by using a stereo ceiling speaker which produces both left and right audio channels from one physical in ceiling speaker.

If you need to put a speaker directly in a shower cubicle we recommend that you use a weather-proof speaker, whilst a wet speaker isn't "unsafe" they can degrade with moisture which will detract from the systems performance.


What Features Are Available For Bathroom Radio Systems?

Bathroom radios usually feature a DAB and/or FM radio tuner for quick and easy music at the touch of a button.

A lot of our bathroom radios also feature optional Bluetooth music streaming and some have a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for connecting an external device, particularly useful for connecting to a bathroom television.


What Do I Need To Look Out For When Installing A Bathroom Radio? 

The main thing that you need to watch for when installing your bathroom radio system is the electrical zone regulations which state where you can and can't place a 230v electrical item in a bathroom.

Our in ceiling bathroom radios are generally fine as the powered radio unit is installed in the loft or cupboard out of harms way.

This mostly applies to the bathroom mirror radio, be sure that your proposed placement in your bathroom falls within an allowed zone before installing it.

Can I Install A Bathroom Radio Myself?

Most of our bathroom radio systems are suitable for installation by competent DIY'ers, however some of our systems are directly connected to 230v mains power supplies so we always recommend that you employ a qualified electrician to make the connections.