How To Use A Turntable With Sonos

How To Use A Turntable With Sonos

Craig Walker |

If you're a fan of vinyl records and have a Sonos sound system, you may be wondering “Can I connect my turntable to my Sonos speaker?”

Fortunately it's a straightforward process that allows you to enjoy the warm sound of vinyl with the convenience of wireless streaming technology. 

Best of both worlds!

In this blog we'll go over the two key options and the steps to get your turntable playing through your Sonos speakers.


Diagram showing how to connect a turntable to a Sonos FIVE speaker via an RCA to 3.5mm audio cable

Option 1: Plug It In

The most common way to connect your turntable is to plug it into the audio input.

This is the best option if you already have a turntable or if you have a specific turntable in mind.

The only problem is, not every Sonos speaker has an audio input!

At present you can plug a turntable into:


  1. Sonos AMP (3.5mm)
  2. Sonos PORT (RCA)
  3. Sonos FIVE / PLAY:5 (RCA)

Simply plug your turntable into the relevant Sonos device and set it to “Line In” with the Sonos app to start enjoying your vinyl records.

Once plugged in we recommend that you drop into the Sonos settings and change the “Source Name” to “Turntable”, set “Audio Delay” to “Medium” and also turn on the “Autoplay” feature so that your system starts playing once you start the turntable.

We also recommend using a turntable with a built-in pre-amp such as the Audio-Technica LP3XBT, but if you’re looking for a higher end turntable then you’ll need a turntable pre-amplifier between the turntable and the Sonos device.

If you’re wondering what a pre amplifier is then you’ll find a useful guide to turntable pre amplifiers here.

Option 2: Bluetooth

If you already have, or choose to buy a Bluetooth turntable then you can connect the turntable to certain Sonos speakers wirelessly via Bluetooth.

At present the only Sonos devices that you can connect with Bluetooth to are;

  1. Sonos Move
  2. Sonos Roam

Simply pair your turntable with your speaker via Bluetooth and you can enjoy your vinyl records!

Note that only the Sonos Roam can share the Bluetooth input with other Sonos speakers.

A Bluetooth compatible turntable is a good option if you want to use you turntable with headphones as well as your Sonos speakers.

You can still plug a Bluetooth turntable in as per option 1 but also benefit from being able to listen to your music on headphones as well.


Victrola Stream Carbon Works with Sonos Turntable

Option 3: “Works With Sonos” Turntable

Previously you only had the one option listed above, however as of 2023 you now have a second option.

The new Carbon Stream from Victrola.

This is the first “Works With Sonos” compatible turntable that can stream directly to your Sonos speaker system via your home network.

The Victrola Stream app provides easy setup and connects the Victrola Stream Carbon wirelessly to your Sonos system in seconds. 

Once set up, the turntable fully integrates with your Sonos app, and the illuminated control knob provides tactile, centralised volume control for your entire Sonos system and playback groups.

It comes packed with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, a carbon fibre tonearm, built in WiFi and an ethernet port.

It’s priced at £899 which is pretty reasonable considering the high-specification, quality components and the verified by Sonos integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Group The Turntable With Other Sonos Devices?

Yes, once the turntable is plugged into the line input of a Sonos device you can then group it with other Sonos devices and spread the sound of your vinyl records throughout your home.

If you use the Victrola Stream Carbon then you can also sync it with your entire Sonos system.

You can also group the Sonos Roam if you have a Bluetooth turntable connected to it. First make sure that the Roam speaker is on your WiFi network then you can group the record player with other zones as per normal.


Can The Turntable Play Through Sonos Automatically?

Yes, you can turn on the “Autoplay” feature in the Sonos app.

When you start playing your LP your Sonos will automatically switch to Line Input and the speaker will also drop from any grouped rooms (unless “include room groups”) is selected.

What Is The Best Record Player For Sonos?

If you have the FIVE, AMP or Port then you have complete freedom in which turntable you choose.

For entry level we’d recommend the Audio-Technica LP60X which is a fully automatic turntable with built in pre amplifier.

For mid level the Audio-Technica LPW40WN is a great choice or take a look at the TEAC TN-400BT.

And you could argue that the Victrola Stream Carbon is the “best” record player for Sonos as it’s a high-spec, high-quality turntable that’s works with Sonos out of the box.



The simple answer is that YES you can easily connect a turntable to a Sonos speaker system.

Whether you want to connect your old record player or you’re investing in the new Victrola Carbon Stream you can soon be listening to your favourite LP’s through your favourite speakers

If you have any further questions about using Sonos with a turntable feel free to get in touch and one of our audio experts will be happy to help.