How To Store Vinyl Records - 10 Tips To Protect Your Collection

How To Store Vinyl Records - 10 Tips To Protect Your Collection

Craig Walker |

It’s important that you store & display your vinyl records in the correct way to maximise the lifespan of your albums and to avoid any damage or warping.

The quickest and easiest way to damage your vinyl records is to not store them correctly!

Whether you’re storing your record collection long-term or just for day to day storage, this blog will give you the 10 top record storage tips that you need to know to keep your record collection and your record player safe for years to come.

How To Prepare Vinyl Records For Storage

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kits

1. Make Sure They Are Clean 

First things first let’s make sure that your records are clean and dust free before putting them away.

This is a good habit to get into as it’ll keep your records in good condition and also prevents excess dust getting into your record sleeves.

You only need a few things in your vinyl record cleaning arsenal;

  1. Record cloth
  2. Record cleaning solution
  3. Record brush and/or velvet pad

Legend Vinyl make a great all-in-one record cleaning kit to get you started.

When handling your records make sure to only touch the edges and make sure they’re either on the platter or in their sleeves, don’t leave them lying around gathering dust.

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2. Use Inner Sleeves

Now that you have cleaned your records your next step is to place it into a protective  inner sleeve.

These keep your record safe and protect it from dust and scratches.

Avoid placing your record into cardboard or paper sleeves directly as this will damage the record over time. 

Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

3. Use Outer Sleeves

If you’re storing your record collection away for an extended period of time then we’d really recommend that you put your albums in a plastic outer sleeve.

The job of the record outer sleeve is to completely protect your record from dust, including the precious artwork!

You can also get record bags which have a fold-over “lid” to completely encase your record. 

Store Vinyl Records Upright

4. Keep Them Upright 

Hooray! Your clean, sleeved record is now ready for storage.

But first a word of warning.

Vinyl records must be stored vertically.

Not horizontally and not leaning up against a Playstation 5 (don’t ask me how I learn that one…)

Always store your vinyl vertically and properly supported on a proper vinyl stand or in a vinyl storage box / crate.

I’d also recommend keeping them grouped with similarly sized records together.

You can also use this as an opportunity to organise your collection with cards or dividers into artists or genres.

Storing Your Vinyl Records 

Vinyl Record Storage Box

5. Record Storage Boxes

A vinyl record storage box is a great choice for keeping your vinyl records upright and also to minimise dust and damage.

They are also handy to move around as most will come with a handle so if you ever travel with your record collection or you need to store your collection out of sight in a cupboard then a record storage box with a carry handle is a great choice.

Tip: If you’re packing your collection away for the longer term then look for a suitably sized plastic storage box with lid to keep your collection safe & secure. Make sure you store them in a dry, warm place avoiding anywhere damp or overly hot!

 Vinyl Record Storage Crates & Boxes

6. Record Storage Crates 

Personally I love a good record crate!

Despite being quite late getting into records, and not your typical record collector, nothing really beats rummaging through a (well-organised!) record crate looking for the next album to put on.

They do a great job of keeping your records upright, they look great and are easy to wheel out when album hunting. 

The Legend Vinyl wooden record storage crate can hold up to 100 LP’s!

You do need a bit of space to wheel them out from, though so they don’t suit every setup, but if you have a gap of around 40cm near your turntable then they can be a great option.


7. Keep Away From Heat & Sunlight 

Hopefully this one’s pretty obvious, but vinyl records don’t like heat.

Heat + Plastic = Warped

And warped records aren’t going to sound too great.

When considering your turntable’s location and your LP storage positions aim to keep them away from heat sources such as fires, radiators and log burners and also away from direct sunlight.

Displaying Your Vinyl Records 

One of the great things about vinyl records is the artwork on each record sleeve and it’s a shame to hide them all away in a record crate.

You can incorporate some of your favourite album artwork into your decor with stands & frames.

Vinyl Record Now Playing Display Stand

8. Vinyl Record Stands 

With a record stand you can securely store your records whilst keeping them out on display.

These are perfect if you have a larger sideboard area where you can place the records next to your turntable.

Legend Vinyl makes a nice wooden LP storage stand made from wood with acrylic ends, simple but very effective for storing up to 50 LP’s.

9. Vinyl Record Art Frames

Why have a picture when you can have vinyl artwork on display!

These vinyl art frames come in black or white and are designed to display a standard vinyl record sleeve.

The frame is hinged and simply pulls out allowing you to easily remove the record to either enjoy your album or to change up the artwork on a regular basis.

It’s a great use of your vinyl records when they aren’t being played and will be a great talking point when friends and family notice them!

Not ideal for storing 100 records obviously but absolutely brilliant for showing off your favourite records and improving your home decor at the same time.

Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage

10. HiFi Stands & Furniture

Finally, if you want to go all-out you can look at furniture that can house your turntable, speakers, amplifiers and your LP’s.

The Norstone Esse Vinyl is a HiFi rack with LP storage built in, available in a variety of colours and with matching speaker stands available.

These types of turntable stands are great for dedicated listening areas & HiFi setups.

You can also store your LP’s on custom made shelving or pre-made units such as Ikea's Kallax.

A turntable shelf is also an option where space is a premium.

The options are endless, just make sure you follow tips 4 and 7.


If you follow the tips above your record collection should be fit for a lifetime of enjoyment and can even be handed down to the next generation ready.

Don’t forget to regularly clean your vinyl records with an appropriate vinyl record cleaning kit to keep them fresh and free from dust and static.