Which Is Better, WiFi or Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

Which Is Better, WiFi or Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

Craig Walker |

When we talk about ceiling speaker systems there are two main choices. 


  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi Multiroom

We are often asked “Which is better, WiFi or Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers?

And the answer really depends on what you want the system to do.

Both systems can have the exact same ceiling speakers connected and often have similar power outputs, so what makes them different?

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are a great way to enjoy your music at home.

They are relatively inexpensive and offer great value for money, their pros tend to outweigh their con’s which makes them the most popular type of ceiling speaker system.


  • Easy to use
  • Can play any music from any Bluetooth device including YouTube
  • Lower Cost
  • Easy to install
  • No network connection required
  • Easy to connect to an Amazon Echo for voice control (separate Echo device required)


  • No app control
  • Not possible to sync multiple speakers together
  • 10M range issue
  • Music will cut out momentarily when emails/messages/notifications are received.

BEST FOR: Standalone zones such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom where you want to enjoy great quality music but don’t want to group multiple rooms together. Also best for people who like to listen to YouTube videos as their primary source of entertainment.

WiFi Ceiling Speakers For Multiroom Audio

WiFi Ceiling Speakers

WiFi ceiling speakers are usually a step above Bluetooth. 

The main benefit they bring is the ability to group multiple amplifiers together to create a seamless music experience in multiple rooms of your home, all controlled from your smartphone. 

This is great for larger open plan areas such as kitchen / diner / living spaces as you can easily create a party zone.

The added features do increase the cost a little though so you’ll be paying more for this type of system.


  • Control from smartphone app
  • Group rooms together in perfect sync
  • No range issues
  • Alerts & notifications from your phone will not interrupt the music
  • Most WiFi amplifiers have Airplay / Airplay 2 and/or DLNA for easy streaming directly from your smartphone.
  • Most (but not all!) WiFi amplifiers have Alexa & Google Home control for voice activation.


  • More expensive than Bluetooth
  • Do not usually work with YouTube

BEST FOR: Larger and/or open plan houses with multiple “spaces” where you want to enjoy music in perfect harmony. I.e the kitchen + patio, kitchen + dining room + living space. 

Also ideal for people who want the best of the best as some systems such as Denon HEOS and Hamilton Audio feature both WiFi & Bluetooth so every option is covered.


Both options will provide a great music experience, the most important thing to consider when choosing your ceiling speaker system is to get the right system for what you’re hoping to do with it.

If you just want music in the bathroom then Bluetooth is the way forward. 

If you want music around your home in perfect sync then you’ll need a WiFi ceiling speaker system.

Both are great, just for different use cases. So rather than asking which system is better, look at what you want to achieve and then choose the right system based on the benefits and features.

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