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Top 5 Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems for Under £300 [2022]

Top 5 Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Systems for Under £300 [2022]

Craig Walker |

Picture this, it's a keen sunny Sunday morning. You wake up and start on your morning routine, the time comes to jump into a brand new shower in your recently installed bathroom with the latest design. This bathroom was built with you in mind, It feels new, exciting and fresh. 

Your dreams have become a reality after all the hard work of putting it all together. What could make this better? Your favourite song raining around you from your new bluetooth ceiling speaker. As if this is your own TV show and the theme music is playing as you start your day!

This dream can become a reality and to help you decide on which Bluetooth ceiling speaker you need, I have put together a list of my top 5 Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling speakers.

Bathroom Ceiling speaker Systems

I've been designing bathroom audio systems for 4 years now so I have sorted this list out in to my most recommended Bluetooth Ceiling speaker for under £300.

If you want to see our whole range of bathroom ceiling speakers, click on the link.

5 - CASTER AV 5" Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System - £69.99 RRP

CASTER AV BT15W Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speaker System

To start of the list I want to discuss our most budget friendly system, the CASTER AV 5" bluetooth kit. The 5" speakers offer a adequate sound quality for the price and will fill out most bathrooms.


  • Entry level system
  • Volume and music control from device


  • Basic sound quality
  • Low powered

4 - KB Sound Select Star Bluetooth and Radio Ceiling Speaker System W/ 2.5" - 5" Speakers - From £179.99 - £249.99 RRP

B Sound Star FM or DAB+ Radio Ceiling Speaker System with Bluetooth & App Control

This is one of the only systems that I will recommend that has a built in DAB+ and FM radio, you can also purchase an optional remote control making this system smart device free!

The 5" speakers are my favorite, but the option to jump down to the 2.5" speakers will help for smaller rooms. All of the modules can live in the ceiling recesses hidden out of the way.


  • Bluetooth, DAB+ & FM
  • Alexa compatible
  • Also app controlled 


  • Better with optional remote
  • 2.5" speakers offer less bass

3 - K2 Audio Bluetooth Express & Q Acoustic install 6.5" Stereo Bathroom Speaker System - £229.99 RRP

K2 Audio Bluetooth Express Wireless IP4X Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System inc. 6.5" Ceiling Speaker


The audio quality from this system is a huge jump from the previous 2 options, our Audio experts have bundled this system together for good reason. The K2 audio amplifier can live in the ceiling recess out of the way and has bluetooth built in which is Amazon Echo / Google Home compatible.

The speaker is a Q acoustic install speaker and boasts 2 tweets (Yes it requires 2 speaker cables) which means this single speaker will give you stereo sound quality. The bass and treble is more than great for the price and type of room it will be installed in!


  • Bluetooth & 3.5mm Aux in for Bathroom TV's
  • Alexa / Google Compatible
  • 20W per channel w/ Single Stereo Speaker


  • Basic Bluetooth features

2 - Systemline E50 Wall Panel Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System W/ 6.5" Speaker - £279 RRP

Systemline E50 6.5" IP4X Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker System

Out of all of the systems on this list, this is the only one that comes with a stylish, glass touch sensitive wall panel that can go in the bathroom with you! The wall panel is gesture control when you can control the unit without touching it.

The E50 is bluetooth and also compatible with smart assistants. The included speaker is also the Q Acoustic install IP44 single stereo speaker, so you'll also get high quality stereo sound from one speaker placement.


  • Glass White Wall Control Panel
  • Bluetooth & 3.5mm Aux in for Bathroom TV's
  • Alexa / Google Compatible
  • 18W per channel w/ Single Stereo Speaker


  • Requires more work to install

1 - Lithe Audio IP44 Bathroom Bluetooth All-In-One 6.5" Ceiling Speaker - £249 RRP

Lithe Audio Bathroom Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker 6.5" IP44 with Wireless aptX BT 5.0 - Alexa Compatible

This is my favorite system to recommend! the Lithe Audio Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker packs a punch with the 50W built in amplifier, meaning for installation its as simple as plugging power into it and your ready to start playing music! 

With features like a long bluetooth range, custom bluetooth name, app control, Alexa and Google compatible and all topped of with 6.5" IP44 woofer and 0.75 floating titanium twitter.


  • Plug and Play All-In-One
  • Aptx 5.0 30M Bluetooth / Custom Naming
  • Bluetooth & RCA in for Bathroom TV's
  • Alexa / Google Compatible
  • 50W RMS Amplifier


  • Mono with a single speaker