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Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Extension

Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen Extension

Craig Walker |

If you're looking for ideas for your kitchen extension then look no further.

It's easier than ever to incorporate sound and vision into your plans, and it need not cost a fortune!

The most important thing to consider here is the wiring!

All good systems will require some form of wiring so it's best to get that in your build before it's too late, that way you can easily add the speakers at time of project, or at a later date. 

Kitchen Speaker Systems

Kitchen Speaker Benefits

There are numerous benefits to installing ceiling speakers in your kitchen.

You'll soon find that they are the most used item in your kitchen, and pound for pound will offer the greatest lifetime value.

You'll be able to enjoy your favourite music, stream YouTube whilst cooking, connect the TV for whole-room sound and entertain friends with your top playlists.

10 years ago this would have cost you a fortune and likely required a specialist installer, now however there are many easy-wire or even plug & play systems than can easily be installed DIY or by your electrician.

Ceiling Speakers For Your Kitchen

Enjoying Your Music

There are numerous ways you can enjoy your music at home.

The first step in choosing a system is to consider what method you'll use for your music.


INTERNET MUSIC: Probably the most popular method, streaming from your smart phone or tablet of services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer & more. You can either stream via Bluetooth to a compatible system or look at a WiFi multiroom system.


SMART ASSISTANT: Prefer to just ask Alexa to play your music? No problem, a lot of systems can either be paired to an Echo using Bluetooth, plugged in or some even have native Alexa / Google Home control via WiFi. If this is important to you then ensure you look for a compatible system.


CD / RECORD PLAYER: If you're planning to enjoy records or CD's then you'll need to consider a kitchen speaker system that features an AUX input to allow you to hard wire in your audio source.

Free Kitchen Speaker System Design Service

Planning Your Kitchen Speakers


Your have three options to consider here all with their own pros and cons.

1. Ceiling Speakers

PROS: Best sound coverage, discreet, no cables on show

CONS: Less bass than bookshelf speakers

2. Bookshelf Speakers

PROS: Best sound quality

CONS: Visible bulky speakers

3. Freestanding Speaker

PROS: Easy plug & play, lots of brand choices

CONS: Cables, countertop clutter, poor sound coverage


The first step is to look at the size of your kitchen.

We recommend approximately one pair of speakers for every 25sq. m for optimum coverage.

Most systems can handle up to two pairs of speakers which is adequate for the majority of projects.

Bear in mind any ceiling obstacles if going for ceiling speakers such as sky lights, extractor fans etc.


 Your two main options here are:

1. Plug & Play

These systems such as the Lithe Audio range require minimal wiring as the amplifier and receiver is physically built into the speaker. You simply power the speaker and run a cable to the passive second speaker.

2. Wired

Most other systems come under this category, don't be too put off as wiring is generally easy.

You'll have some form of amplifier which will be cited either in the ceiling or in a kitchen cupboard somewhere, you'll then wire from the amplifier to each speaker.

Some of these systems may require a hard wired aerial connection and / or ethernet to your router for internet streaming.

Getting Help

Don't forget that K&B Audio are here to help you plan and specify your kitchen speaker system. You are not alone!

We can assist with speaker placement, product selection and can advise you or your electrician on how to install. 

Feel free to contact our audio experts by live chat, e-mail or call 02393 190955