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Systemline Release Gloss White E50 & It’s Bathroom Rated!

Systemline Release Gloss White E50 & It’s Bathroom Rated!

Craig Walker |

Systemline have released a new version of the very popular Systemline E50 and it’s Gloss White!

At first glance it’s really, really stylish and now there’s an E50 for every decor.

The white E50 has almost all of the same features as the original black one but there are some exceptions.

Here’s what you need to know.


1. IP54 Rated For Bathrooms

That’s right the Systemline E50 can now be installed in zone 3 of your bathroom.

With bluetooth streaming, auto-turn on and Amazon Alexa compatibility it’s an ideal solution for adding some music to your bathrooms.

To make this possible Systemline had to do remove one thing…


2. No Front AUX Input

The white E50 drops the front mounted 3.5mm aux input.

It keeps the rear one so you can still connect your television but you can’t simply plug into the front of it now. We’re finding that the majority of our customers are streaming via Bluetooth so this isn’t a big problem.


We’ve paired it up with the popular Q Install QI65CW-ST single stereo bathroom speaker for the ultimate solution.

Otherwise the E50 works in the same way as the black E50 so you’re not restricted to bathrooms. You can install the white E50 wherever you want!

With it’s high quality sound and stylish looks with easy to use gesture controls keeps it in the top 5 bluetooth ceiling speaker systems available today.