Systemline E50 vs Systemline E100 - What's The Difference?

Systemline E50 vs Systemline E100 - What's The Difference?

Craig Walker |

If you’ve seen two of our most popular systems and are wondering what the differences are then look no further.

Both systems are great and have key unique selling points that will appeal to different people.

Firstly, they share the same 18W per channel amplifier so they both sound as good as each other and both can power up to four speakers.


What’s The Difference? 

The main difference between the two systems is the fact that the Systemline E100 features a built-in FM & DAB radio tuner.

The Systemline E50 is bluetooth only, but it also features gesture controls that let you skip track and adjust the volume simply by waving your hands.


Comparing The Systems 

Here’s a comparison of all of the features.


Systemline E50 vs E100 Features


Now that you can see the differences between the Systemline E50 and the Systemline E100 hopefully you are finding it easier to make a decision on what is right for you.

If you listen to music mostly from your smartphone or tablet then go for the Systemline E50.

If however you want simple to use, one-touch radio stations then the Systemline E100 is unbeatable!

For more information on the system or how to install it in your home please call one of our tech advisors on 02393 190955 or drop us an email.